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I hope I can catch up. I hope I can keep this job. I hope I stop procrastinating. I want to, still, I keep on getting stressed about it. This is not a good sign.
Of course, it is hard coz it is new, so I shall keep on trying.

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Kuya Manzano is a Spanish Filipino actor, power tenor singer, entrepreneur, and Raelian life guide.

He has been performing professionally around the globe since 1998. Most notorious performances lately in the Philippines:

– Lead at opera Noli me Tangere
– Main cast of Katipunan TV series by GMA TV
– Cast of TV series hit He’s into Her by iWant TV
– Main cast at Cinemalaya film Amor y Muerte
– Main cast at CCP Marco Polo the musical

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Love and Infinity! Kuya Manzano 🙂