Iya Mina’s star shines brightest in MAMU and a Mother too…

Iya Mina star  shines brightest  in MAMU and a Mother too…

“A mother’s happiness is like a beacon, lighting up the future but reflected also on the past in the guise of fond memories.”-  Honore de Balzac

Definitely a movie with a heart.Iya Mina gave it her all.She took us to the streets as she portrayed the Role of Mamu- A Mama San to many, life for her takes a different turn when her sister dies leaving behind Bona that she has to care of.Her lover, portrayed by Aaron Villaflor didn’t like the idea of having Bona around as she partakes in Mamu’s life .Bona, at first find it hard living with Mamu as she felt she wasn’t welcomed .Bona meets Franco ( Jovani Manansala ) who flirts with her and eventually becomes her boyfriend much to the dismay of the cutie Kiko ( Marcus Paterson) who is so “torpe” to confide to Bona.

The story line is simple yet it is able to take us to a different understanding of how ordinary things came to be.How can a transgender take all of this and be a mother ?How can society be more accepting of such set up? The film was able to create a premise that it can be done and that love supersedes everything.I loved the fact that Iya Mina didn’t have to alter her voice to fit the role- that gave the film authenticity that it rightfully deserves. EJJallorina as Bona was casted so perfectly as the character he portrayed was able to match Mina’s acting  prowess.


The entire cast was so wonderful to watch.It is not so much of heavy drama as smart humor definitely is put into play for the film to thrive.Funny, dramatic and beautifully told I am at awe of this masterpiece by Rod Singh.  Cheers to MAMU and a Mother too! Cinema One Originals would run up until the 21st of October.Let’s go out and support local!



Photo credits: Erickson dela Cruz


The Revilla Brothers’ star in action-Thriller TRES for Imus Productions

The Revilla Brothers’ star in action-Thriller TRES for Imus Productions


             They say three is a crowd but never for the Revilla Brothers: Jolo, Bryan and Luigi Revilla who stars in the movie TRES produced by Imus Productionms showcased their talents in jam-packed action sequences .Set in a trilogy, the first one features Bryan Revilla in VIRGO.True to being a Revilla, Bryan had the spunk and angst that the role asked for. He stars alongside the beautiful Karla Humphries and Joey Marquez among others.He was orphaned as a boy because his parents got involved in an incident that haunted him for ever. He made sure that he’ll come back for those who murdered his family hence becoming a Police officer who hunted down drug lords and their protectors.Will he succeed in this quest or will it get the best of him?

Opening the second part of the trilogy is newcomer Luigi Revilla (Bryan and Jolo’s half brother) who starred as Louie who got involved into drugs because of Shelly (Assunta de Rossi)-a big time drug mule who works with Sandino Martin and Patrick Sugui. With them is cutie Marcus Patterson, a student but doesn’t want to be involved in such dealings.Things encounter a different turn when Sandino got jealous of Louie’s (Revilla) closeness to Shelly. During a night at a bar, Louie crosses paths with Myrtle Saroza , a waitress , sweet and innocent.This leads Shelly to be jealous and puts Louie out of their gang.Will Louie still get out of this mess, or will it be just a little too late for him?This second part is entitled AMATS.I applaud Luigi for a newcomer as he gave justice to the role.

The last part of the Trilogy is entitled 72 Hours starring Jolo Revilla, a dignified Police officer who is on the look out for drug addicts .He got partnered with Rhian Ramos under the PDEA department but sudden twists took a turn when he blackmails Jolo to get her sister back as her sister is hailed hostaged by Dominic Roque’s character, Congressman Fernan.Who gets to survive the last 72 hours? Your guess is as good as mine.

Overall, I find  the film overwhelming with action sequences and there is no denying that that the Revilla is in them.The intensity in their eyes is very evident in every frame.The action shots were done with precision and the coherence to them is exquisite.The advocacy to fight drugs is just as important because let’s admit the fact that many lives are shattered and lost because of it .The message of the film is timely and relevant.

I am glad that it also explored different sides of the Antagonist/ protagonist formula, connivance,concealment and black mail.TRES is showing in major cinemas nationwide, Please come out and support local!


Photo credits: Jolo Revilla 

Inspiring and Entertaining, Guadalupe the Musical debuts at the Meralco Theater

Inspiring and Entertaining, Guadalupe the Musical at the Meralco Theater

Guadalupe the Musical  directed by Baby Barredo revolves around the story of The Lady of Guadalupe and the miracles that she has been identified with. With music by Ejay Yatco , choreography  by Julie and Rose Borromeo, this musical started their first show at Meralco Theater up until the 14th of October 2018.

With a stellar ensemble such as Shiela Valderrama Martinez, Cocoy Laurel , Arman FerrerNoel Rayos, Lorenz MartinezKuya Manzano and Chaye Mogg to name a few, this musical is such a feast to the eyes.

As per the Mexican Consul to the Philippines, no play about the lady of Guadalupe has been existent until now that it actually gets shown and is done as a production here in Manila under the tutelage of Baby Barredo.

With Celia Diaz -Laurel leading the costumes and set design department by Mio Infante , this play is set to awe audiences with Laurel’s artistic style and gift for the arts. Not to be outdone, excellent lyrics and melody provided by Ejay Yatco, the audience is in for a big treat. So what are you all waiting for?

Don’t miss out on seeing this master piece. Let us support Philippine theater and our local artists’ love for making sure that we get the best  that Theater has to offer.



RS Francisco Soars High as MButterfly by: Mark Anthony Cabrera

RS Francisco Soars High as MButterfly  by: Mark Anthony Cabrera

Cunning, Provocative and Masterfully done- These phrases came to mind after I’ve witnessed the Preview of MButterfly last September 12, 2018 at the Maybank Performing Arts Theater.

Produced by Tony-winning producer Jhett Tolentino and directed by no less than Kanakan Balintagos, MButterfly finds its way back to Manila after its first staging at the Wilfrido Ma. Guerrero Theater , UP Diliman.Reprising his role as Song Liling, RS Francisco recalls that it is one major role that definitely solidified his acting capabilities under now Professor Emeritus Tony Mabesa who directed it in the 90’s when RS was just 18 years of age alongside Behn Cervantes as Gallimard.

As RS recalls it, he said that he was at first reluctant to take on the role of Song Liling but with the help of his mentors finally decided to give the role a try.Later on, he didn’t realize that he would have the chance to do it again hence the 2018 re-staging of the play.Playing alongside RS is Frenchman Olivier Borten as Rene Gallimard, Pinky Amador as Helga, Norman McLeod as Toulon , Lee O Brien as Marc/Pinkerton , Mayen Estanero as

Ms. Shin , Maya Encila as Rene/Pin up girl and Rica Nepomuceno COpera Singer).The stage was superbly done and space was maximized.It is indeed a task done tastefully as the play requires it.

RS never lost the spark. Every movement of his hands, every nod, every wink was exquisite.

Indeed if there was one thing that stood out in his performance was the fact that he can engage the audience in the way he entices and lures them in his character as Song Liling- cunning, deceptive, gentle yet boldly strong.

Borten on his part did his role with intricacy- every action on point whilst ensuring that the flow of his acting is kept cohesive.I was pleasantly surprised with Lee O’ Brien as transitioning from the big screen on stage requires quite some adaptability. I am impressed by Maya Encila as Rene.This beautiful young lady definitely knows her angles and knows how to act boldly with finesse.

Overall, I love the fact that the main essence of MButterfly has been kept but putting quite a twist at the end kept me wanting more.They were able to bring about something new to the table and to me that was quite a bold move- timely and relevant so to speak.I loved the elaborate costumes and the excellent way how the props were brought together on stage with coherence ( thanks to the people wearing black costumes) who made each scene transition seamless.

Would I watch it again? I will for sure as it is able to present something that the Pinoy audience could truly be proud of .I am sure that when David Henry Hwang sees it, he will be at awe of
one of the best plays he’d ever written.The subject of espionage is interesting because it present a struggle- as to how a plan can be carried out without getting caught.And what better way to do it than mimicry- the act of blending in to make sure that you get to survive in tricking the enemy.

If you’re looking for something creatively done, something that would keep you wanting more, I suggest you head to the Maybank Performing arts Theater and watch MButterfly. The play runs from September 13, 2018 until the 30th of September.

Guadalupe: The Musical … Is It a Fact or Fiction?

Guadalupe: The Musical … Is It a Fact or Fiction?

Whatever you’re searching for in an impressive musical is below– love, dramatization, action, fight scenes, catchy tracks, as well as extra. This is a heartfelt discussion with a stunning message that the entire family will enjoy.

In 1531, the recently overcome land after that referred to as New Spain (recognized today as Mexico), a series of inexplicable events (although others call it amazing) happened, as well as would certainly alter the globe permanently. That unbelievable real tale is currently the basis of Guadalupe: The Music, a new staged manufacturing in English, provided by the Julie Borromeo Performing Arts Foundation.

Certainly, it was a tale that brought so much wonders in the lives of the people– an unconvinced bishop, a brutal governor, and also a passing away male revived from the edge of death.

” The story of Juan Diego of Guadalupe is almost a music already,” says Borromeo, that is both manufacturer as well as choreographer (together with Rose Borromeo), of the program. “But what makes this story various is all the superordinary aspects in it that merely can’t be described.” And the majority of what happened are maintained in public record: the painted images on Juan Diego’s currently famous tilma (or apron), which show no evidence of any type of brushstrokes, and also whose pigments originate from a resource unknown to nature; the seeming impenetrability of the fabric from which it was made; the mystical recuperation of Juan Diego’s dying uncle; the checklist continues.

Although it tackles on amazing taking place, Guadalupe: The Music, which stars stage icon Cocoy Laurel (as Juan Diego), is not a traditional faith-based show. “It’s not a ‘spiritual’ musical therefore,” declares movie theater tale Baby Barredo, that routes the piece. “It’s an effective piece of movie theater that just takes place to consist of spiritual aspects.” It’s an important difference, as well as one that drove the production of the program from the start.”

For scriptwriter and lyricist Joel Trinidad as well as author Ejay Yatco, the innovative job was to use factual, historical occasions as a background for a real story which contains some imaginary components. “A few of the most prominent musicals worldwide incorporate reality as well as fiction this way,” shares Yatco. Yet how can Guadalupe … audiences inform truth from fiction? “You’ll see some things in this show that appear totally doubtful,” states Trinidad. “Those are the ones that really occurred.”

Guadalupe: The Music will take place stage from September 29 to October 14, 2018, at the Meralco Theater. For fundraising or institution task chances, contact Ria Pangilinan at 09175378313 or riapangprojects@gmail.com

Royal residence states Marawi people’s view on Duterte’s problem for Muslims ‘easy to understand’.

Royal residence states Marawi people’s view on Duterte’s problem for Muslims ‘easy to understand’.

MANILA – Malacañang on Friday stated it was ‘easy to understand’ that some citizens of war-torn Marawi City believe President Rodrigo Duterte has no worry for Muslims.

In a survey carried out last April 12 to 15, the Social Weather Stations claimed Marawi homeowners were much less persuaded that Duterte has problem for Muslims.

The survey showed that 30 percent of internally displaced persons (IDPs) from Marawi City believe that Duterte is worried concerning Muslims, compared with 36 percent who do not think so. This led to a net score of -6.

In contrast, 50 percent of Marawi residents that were not displaced by the battle think Duterte is concerned about Muslims, while 24 percent do not think so. This caused a +26 net score.

” This view … is understandable, given that Marawi City has actually been the facility of the Maute rebellion, which caused its destruction as well as displacement of its locals, as mentioned by 32% of Marawi City participants,” Presidential Spokersperson Harry Roque claimed.

” Nonetheless, it is necessary to note that even after the Marawi siege, majority continuouslies place its rely on the Head of state,” he said.

Terrorists from the Islamic State-linked Maute group had actually laid siege on Marawi for five months last year, compeling thousands to leave and also damaging much of the city.

Roque stated despite this much less rosy sight of Marawi citizens on the President, the Palace is still thankful that 68 percent of IDPs and also 78 percent of non-displaced Marawi citizens think the federal government did good in offering alleviation, shelter and also financial assistance for evacuees.

The same survey showed that majority of Marawi City locals – 56 percent among IDPs as well as 80 percent amongst non-IDPs – believe their quality of life now as compared to a year ago became worse.

The federal government is currently working to rehabilitate the city, which was heavily ravaged by 5 months of combating in between government troops and Islamic State-inspired rebels.

Recovery efforts, nonetheless, remain to experience hold-ups.

Marlon Stockinger and Pia Wurtzbach Unfollowed Each Other on Instagram

Marlon Stockinger and Pia Wurtzbach Unfollowed Each Other on Instagram

[Featured Image Screenie from Marlon Stockinger IG Account] A simple “unfollow” of 2 high profile personalities on the Instagram feed was enough to get tongues wagging. Netizen followers of model-slash-race car champ Marlon Stockinger and 2015 Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach saw how the lovebirds unfollowed one another on the image-sharing social media app. It was enough to stoke the fires surrounding rumors that they couple has split.

Marlon Stockinger and Pia Wurtzbach Unfollowed Each Other on Instagram
Image from Marlon Stockinger’s IG Account

Primetime news program TV Patrol got hold of Stockinger in an interview dated 13 July 2017. The latter was quick to nip any speculations of a break-up in the bud. “People just talk about it. But it’s all just that, talk. They’re simply ‘tsismis’.” He added that unfollowing each other on their respective public accounts on Instagram was an effort to keep their relationship private. “You know, there are things that we both had to deal behind two doors. Things we don’t need to share with everyone else.”

An effort to share less details of their relationship on social media does not have to mean that Stockinger had less love for the crowned beauty. With memes circulating that featured their images and highlighting Wurtzbach’s ample bosom, some netizen-followers found the couple’s decision as understandable.

Stockinger expected the rumors to escalate once the act of mutual unfollowing showed up on the public newsfeed. As far as the couple is concerned, in the words of Stockinger, “We are following each other and there’s no issue.”

This was allegedly the second time that Stockinger unfollowed Wurtzbach on Instagram. The first time that it happened was a bigger issue though as Wurtzbach did not unfollow Stockinger after the latter unfollowed her. It was as if the public was more interested with whether the couple followed or unfollowed one another than the images that they uploaded on their respective accounts.

Some netizens chose to speculate though that apart from their respective “official social media accounts”, Stockinger and Wurtzbach have personal (and private) versions of these aforementioned accounts. Either account has yet to be confirmed. And neither Stockinger nor Wurtzbach has confirmed the existence of such accounts. In fact, Wurtzbach has not spoken to any media personality about her side of this mutual unfollowing incident. On whether she or Stockinger did is anyone’s guess. So screenies, as of this writing, has leaked. Perhaps it is a mutual effort to be more of an actual couple than a social media love team? Is that what Stockinger meant when said “We are following each other”?

Image from Marlon Stockinger IG Account

Stockinger’s last Instagram post pertained to his return to Singapore for a hosting gig with Fox Sports Asia. Once part of the Motorsport racetrack himself, it is now his turn to provide insights about the sport he reigned. Motorsport, as he himself stated on his latest Instagram post “is my passion.” He started his stint as TV presenter for the 2017 Formula 1 as of 16 July 2017.

When can Pia Wurtzbach’s statement ever be heard? Would she even find time to answer this debacle on mainstream media? Any updates would soon be posted here. So make sure to click “Like” on our official Facebook page, The Philippines Web. And follow us on Twitter @pinasamazing. We’d be expecting you. Thanks for reading.

Function Rooms for Rent in Manila: Celebrate!

Function Rooms for Rent in Manila

Any available function rooms for rent in Manila? Metro Manila in general, that is. Searching for that affordable venue for your next meeting or “team building session” should not be a hassle. Especially when you have a ready checklist to glance at once in awhile. Factors like how many people can a function room fit? How much does it cost per hour? What other perks are included? These served as factors in assembling this list of function rooms for rent in Manila.

(DISCLAIMER: Price tags mentioned in these function rooms for rent in Manila are the ones currently enforced as of this writing. Calling said establishments on the phone numbers provided is still the recommended thing to verify.)
Function Rooms for Rent in Manila
Image from Cafe Sweet Inspirations FB Page

Cafe Sweet Inspirations: Function Rooms for Rent in Manila

The restaurant’s name, Cafe Sweet Inspirations, gives you an idea that their specialty leaned towards cakes and pastries. It could not have been farther from the truth. Located at 311 Katipunan Ave, Loyola Heights, Quezon City. This restaurant/cafe/bakery is also known for their Mongolian buffet. This means you get to make your own Mongolian bowl depending on which ingredients found in the buffet suited your taste.

Cafe Sweet Inspirations’ function room can host up to 30 people. That’s almost half a whole class if you plan to have a class reunion or office get-together in here. Possibly one of the function rooms in Manila recommended if you expect an attendance that big.  Call them up at (02)432-4200 if you plan to spend beyond 3 hours in this sweet spot in Katipunan.

Function Rooms for Rent in Manila
Image from Blacksoup Cafe + Artspace FB Page

Blacksoup Cafe + Artspace: Function Rooms for Rent in Manila

Blacksoup Cafe + Artspace has become the place to go for summer workshops. True to its label of being an “artspace”. But most of the buzz came from its menu that features suspended coffee and guyabano ice cream. Names alone just increased this place’s buzz-worthiness. Located at Unit G, Maginhawa Bldg, 154 Maginhawa St, Sikatuna Village, Quezon City. The workshops staged here also exposed one of the best function rooms for rent in Manila if you see yourself organizing similar events.

What kind of events have they hosted in the past? 2 of them are the story-telling workshop featuring “Kuya” Bodgie Pascua of Batibot fame and the Basic Stop Motion Animation Workshop for Kids. If you have similar workshops in mind to stage at Blacksoup Cafe + Artspace. The intimate setting here would help. Now, “intimate” means an event that can house up to 20 people. That, dear readers, meant an all-inclusive package to go with the rental fee in one of the most interesting function rooms for rent in Manila. Call them up at (02) 435-2549 for specific quotations including food and drinks.

Function Rooms for Rent in Manila
Image from AfterShift Grill’s FB Page

AfterShift Grill & Restaurant: Function Rooms for Rent in Manila

Sometimes, all you ever wanted in your event is a place to unwind. Some of you, readers, might interpret it as KTV night. This is where one of the upbeat function rooms for rent in Manila is recommended – AfterShift Grill & Restaurant. After securing a niche among call center employees. AfterShift Grill & Restaurant has cornered a market need for function rooms for rent in Manila. How? By having VIP rooms that can house up to 12 people for a night of partying.

Yes, some people can’t find the courage to sing their heart out unless aided by alcohol. You immediately lose your inhibitions that way. Located at 101 Urban Ave, Makati, it’s the essential watering hole to hangout with your friends. Any specifications or particular queries about their VIP rooms may be asked by calling them up at 0917-498-8764.

Function Rooms for Rent in Manila
Image from Ella and the Blackbird’s FB Page

Ella and the Blackbird: Function Rooms for Rent in Manila

Ever had a craving for Truffle Mushroom Pasta? If you are into pasta served with toasted pan on the side while having your frappe. Ella and the Blackbird is the ideal spot for you. Rice meals like Beef Salpicao and fusion cuisine like the Adobo Pasta are some of their recent additions to their offerings in this cafe. It has also become one of the cafes that foodies troop to when searching for function rooms for rent in Manila.

Where is the function room rented here at Ella and the Blackbird? This is one of the function rooms for rent in Manila where the place itself is the one being rented out per hour. Quite economical for the owner. This would simply mean having the place reserved for an occasion of your choice. The laid back look of this cafe seemed like an ideal place for open mic events or acoustic nights. Could be an ideal place to have an intimate event. Located at 88 Esteban Abada St, Loyola Heights, Quezon City, you can call in your queries by dialing (02) 294-1633.

Function Rooms for Rent in Manila

iChill Theater Cafe: Function Rooms for Rent in Manila

Sometimes you arrive in a place that has one of the function rooms for rent in Manila that gives you several choices. A KTV night, an open mic night, a film showing night. And maybe even a night to simply celebrate birthday parties. Any occasion that could be booked in a room that could fit up to 30 people. It also helped that iChill Theater Cafe operated on a musical theater theme. Perfect for musical theater nerds.

The walls are surrounded by posters of musical theater productions from the collection of its owner/proprietor, theater actor Kuya Manzano. It has hosted several events in the past that ranged from the light hearted fare to the casual lectures to the laid back debates. Renting the function room at the second floor is on a per hour basis, regardless of how many guests you expect at your event. And it’s only for P1,400 per hour. All-consumable of food and drinks.

Located at Dos Castillas Dr, Sampaloc, Manila, it is just a few corners away from the University of Santo Tomas. As one of the function rooms for rent in Manila that is easily accessible, calling them is as easy as dialing (02) 521-0056. You can also send your queries on their official Facebook page.

Getting in touch with any of these cafes and restaurants would be a good start to choosing which among these function rooms for rent in Manila fits your bill. Chances are you have a budget to keep in check as well. For more updates regarding which batch of function rooms for rent in Manila to analyze, just follow us on our respective social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter. We’d be expecting you.

Affordable Party Venues in Manila: From The Light-Hearted to the Somewhat Big Event

Affordable Party Venues in Manila

Looking for affordable party venues in Manila meant picking a venue based on the number of participants expected, size of the venue and the type of event to be celebrated. Participants that numbered less than 20 is what some organizers would label as “intimate”. Still some of the venues that were researched for this article managed to rake in the patrons whenever special events are to be expected. So for this article, Manila would roughly mean Metro Manila as a whole.

Affordable Party Venues in Manila
Image from Xocolat website

Xocolat: Affordable Party Venues in Manila

Whether it’s for a business meeting or an office party, Xocolat got you covered. Located in 172 B. Gonzales St corner Katipunan Ave, Quezon City, their function room is good for 18 to 20 people. If the name hasn’t given you a hint yet, it started out as a chocolate-themed coffee shop serving flourless chocolate cake slices. With its menu now including pasta and rice meals, it has expanded its customer base beyond the chocoholic market. As for the function room, rent is priced at Php7500 per 3 hours. Ideal for young urban professionals that would like to party in chocolatey style. Reservations are best made by calling them at (02) 929-4186.

Affordable Party Venues in Manila
Image from The Beech FB Page

The Beech: Affordable Party Venues in Manila

Located at 121 Panay Ave, Quezon City, The Beech (yes, that’s how it is spelled) has a function room that serves as karaoke room for groups of 10 people ready to party the night away. As opposed to charging the function room by hour, The Beech chose to have it priced at Php5000 per 3 hours. You only end up worrying about consuming the next 3 hours if you exceeded the first four. Then again, there’s a night worth enjoying in one of the most affordable party venues in Manila. Highly recommended if you would need alcohol to collect enough courage to sing your heart out. So call them up at 09175805116 the soonest time possible to make your reservations.

Affordable Party Venues in Manila
Image from Ella and the Blackbird FB Page

Ella and the Blackbird: Affordable Party Venues in Manila

If there is one party venue that you can rent per hour, it would be Ella and the Blackbird. Located at 88 Esteban Abada St, Loyola Heights, Quezon City, what made it one of the affordable party venues is the all-inclusive aspect to the hourly rental that it provides. For Php2500 per hour, a group of about 20 people can rent the place. Possibly more. The rent is per hour regardless of headcount. To make sure that reservation is taken note of, call them up at (02) 294-1633.

Image from Amo Yamie Crib FB Page

Amo Yamie Crib Coffee and Movie House: Affordable Party Venues in Manila

This is one venue that you can classify under the “intimate events” as intimate as no more than 10 people. This coffee shop is better known for its mini-theater. Hence, the term “movie house” in its name. The main branch is located at Espana Blvd corner P. Noval St, Manila. Their mini-theater can be rented at Php338 per hour excluding food and drinks. The food and drinks are to be ordered separately. Hot drinks go as low as Php65 per cup while the cold drinks go as low as Php109 per serving. One of the affordable party venues in Manila worth recommending if your event consisted of a small group of family and friends and if your only planned activity so far is watching a movie. The best way to get in touch with them is by liking their Facebook page. They are responsive to messages.

Affordable Party Venues in Manila
Image from iChill Theater Cafe FB Page

iChill Theater Cafe: Affordable Party Venues in Manila

A venue where you may stage your event or have a private film showing is where iChill Theater Cafe is at. Located at Dos Castillas St, Sampaloc, Manila, iChill has become one of the affordable party venues in Manila chosen by students and young urban professionals living around the UST compound. Only a block away, karaoke-themed parties have become the most common choice of event staged in this venue. The function room is located at iChill’s second floor area. With a karaoke machine assisted by an overhead projector, it feels like having a concert venue of your own with widescreen technology available at your fingertips. Renting the function room goes for as low as Php1400 per hour all-inclusive of food and drinks regardless of headcount.

iChill Theater Cafe may be contacted at (02) 521-0056. Their latest promos and updates may be viewed by liking their official Facebook page and by following them on Twitter. Getting in touch with them serves as a positive start to finding one of the most affordable party venues in Manila.

Finding the affordable party venues in Manila should not take that much effort as long as you have the right contact information. Let this serve as your guide in finding areas worth spending that party within the budget allotted. Happy to be of help to you. Don’t forget to like our official Facebook page. Follow us on Twitter as well. Thanks for reading.

UST Food Guide: 5 Must-Visit Food Joints in UST

UST Food Guide: 5 Must-Visit Food Joints in UST

Limited the UST Food Guide to just 5 can be tough. There are several excellent places to eat just within walking distance by the compound surrounding the University of Santo Tomas. The main challenge then comes in the moment you try to see which food joints have been around longer than expected. Then again you realize why some of the spots mentioned here made the cut because they kept the UST campus community satiated.

Cow-Wow Sausage Haus (P. Noval St.)

So how would you like your sausage? Big or small? In this UST Food Guide, the terms that usually apply to Cow-Wow Sausage Haus would be “Hungarian” or “Schublig”. Pretty European. Then again, meat really tastes great when eaten with rice for breakfast. Or any other time of the day that you felt like craving for sausage. For folks trying to cut down on rice, you can opt for eating Cow-Wow’s sausages with a bun, a cup of mashed potatoes or some pasta. Highly recommended for folks that wanted their sausage-themed meals to go big.

Sisig Express (Dapitan St.)

Going a few blocks around the compound, the UST Food Guide would eventually include the Sisig Express. Like there are several eateries around the area offering several viands to go with your cup(s) of rice. But sometimes, all you need is sisig. While other eateries would limit their servings of sisig to chopped pork. Sisig Express chose to offer chicken and bangus versions of this accidental culinary hit. And Sisig Express is one of the food joints that got the alchemy right. Not very far from UST especially when that craving for sisig kicks in.

iChill Theater Cafe Open Mic
iChill Theater Cafe (Dos Castillas St.)

Ah, themed cafes. The kind of areas in the UST Food Guide that you find when it’s not enough to have a cup of coffee. With a menu that would trigger theater nerds into remembering pop culture references in relation to their passion. iChill Theater Cafe ups the ante the moment you choose to chill (pun intended) at the 2nd floor. You’d see musical theater posters that are of collectors’ item level. It helps when an entrepreneur could pour his/her passion into the business. And the customers share the enthusiasm. That enthusiasm is boosted best with a tall tumbler of ice-blended drink and a plate of pasta. Ramen is served for folks that needed a respite from the chilly/rainy weather lately.

S.R. Thai Cuisine (V. Concepcion St.)

Getting around the UST Food Guide. The common misconception about Thai food is that it’s not that different from Filipino food. Then you get served a hearty plate of Pad Thai. Or laksa. Or some other chicken dish served with their trademark S.R. Seafood Fried Rice. You then realize the difference in formulation. Not really alienating taste-wise especially when you like your food spicy yet still authentically Asian. Servings are pretty generous too.

Mang Tootz Food House

In terms of longevity, Mang Tootz Food House is legen (wait for it) dary. Some foodies that have earned their degrees in UST would come back to this staple in any UST Food Guide known online. And that is just to get their fix of Banana-rhuma. Like imagine your humble turon getting the Mang Tootz culinary treatment. Add cinnamon and milk powder. Then sprinkle with sesame seeds to finish it off. Best eaten with a full meal composed of rice with inihaw na liempo or chicken kebab.

Did we miss anything?

Any other legendary food joint you thought should be included in out UST Food Guide? Post feedback, comments and violent reactions (in case there are any) on our Facebook page after clicking “Like”. Tweet and follow us on Twitter to get the conversation going to. We’d be expecting you.