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UST Food Guide: 5 Must-Visit Food Joints in UST

Limited the UST Food Guide to just 5 can be tough. There are several excellent places to eat just within walking distance by the compound surrounding the University of Santo Tomas. The main challenge then comes in the moment you try to see which food joints have been around longer than expected. Then again you realize why some of the spots mentioned here made the cut because they kept the UST campus community satiated.

Cow-Wow Sausage Haus (P. Noval St.)

So how would you like your sausage? Big or small? In this UST Food Guide, the terms that usually apply to Cow-Wow Sausage Haus would be “Hungarian” or “Schublig”. Pretty European. Then again, meat really tastes great when eaten with rice for breakfast. Or any other time of the day that you felt like craving for sausage. For folks trying to cut down on rice, you can opt for eating Cow-Wow’s sausages with a bun, a cup of mashed potatoes or some pasta. Highly recommended for folks that wanted their sausage-themed meals to go big.

Sisig Express (Dapitan St.)

Going a few blocks around the compound, the UST Food Guide would eventually include the Sisig Express. Like there are several eateries around the area offering several viands to go with your cup(s) of rice. But sometimes, all you need is sisig. While other eateries would limit their servings of sisig to chopped pork. Sisig Express chose to offer chicken and bangus versions of this accidental culinary hit. And Sisig Express is one of the food joints that got the alchemy right. Not very far from UST especially when that craving for sisig kicks in.

iChill Theater Cafe Open Mic
iChill Theater Cafe (Dos Castillas St.)

Ah, themed cafes. The kind of areas in the UST Food Guide that you find when it’s not enough to have a cup of coffee. With a menu that would trigger theater nerds into remembering pop culture references in relation to their passion. iChill Theater Cafe ups the ante the moment you choose to chill (pun intended) at the 2nd floor. You’d see musical theater posters that are of collectors’ item level. It helps when an entrepreneur could pour his/her passion into the business. And the customers share the enthusiasm. That enthusiasm is boosted best with a tall tumbler of ice-blended drink and a plate of pasta. Ramen is served for folks that needed a respite from the chilly/rainy weather lately.

S.R. Thai Cuisine (V. Concepcion St.)

Getting around the UST Food Guide. The common misconception about Thai food is that it’s not that different from Filipino food. Then you get served a hearty plate of Pad Thai. Or laksa. Or some other chicken dish served with their trademark S.R. Seafood Fried Rice. You then realize the difference in formulation. Not really alienating taste-wise especially when you like your food spicy yet still authentically Asian. Servings are pretty generous too.

Mang Tootz Food House

In terms of longevity, Mang Tootz Food House is legen (wait for it) dary. Some foodies that have earned their degrees in UST would come back to this staple in any UST Food Guide known online. And that is just to get their fix of Banana-rhuma. Like imagine your humble turon getting the Mang Tootz culinary treatment. Add cinnamon and milk powder. Then sprinkle with sesame seeds to finish it off. Best eaten with a full meal composed of rice with inihaw na liempo or chicken kebab.

Did we miss anything?

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MAS Provides
UPEEPZ (Philippines) Monster Department Champions

World Supremacy Battlegrounds 2015
Location: ERPAC Brisbane
Date: 4 October 2015

WSB 2015 Authorities Outcomes & Rankings
1. UPeepz (Gold – Philippines) 81.71
2. Recab (Silver – Philippines) 77.01
3. Sole Fam (Bronze – Australia) 74.45
4. Autonomicass Team (Philippines) – 71.35
5. The 112 (New Zealand) – 69.35
6. HoodNation (Australia) – 67.01
7. Young and Gifted (New Zealand) – 59.89
8. Fetch (Australia) 55.29
9. Alpha Load (Australia) 53.64
10. MegaRoar (Australia) 52.75
11. 000 Mob (Australia) 50.71

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2015 SEA Game Volleyball Indoor Women Preliminary: Philippines vs Indonesia

2015 28th SEA Game
Females Initial
Malaysia vs Vietnam
Video Rating:/ 5

Hi everybody!
Invite to my very first vlog! I believed going overseas was the ideal time to begin, so hope you delight in. If you haven’t been to the Philippines, it is a remarkable location to explore. I certainly enjoyed it:-RRB-.



First Hotel was the Artina Suites in Makati City, Manila and 2nd Hotel revealed in Legazpi was the Kichi Hotel.

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The Voice Kids Philippines 2015 Blind Audition: “Home” By Esang

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The Voice Kids Philippines 2015 Sing-Off Performance:

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Philippines Air Force FA-50PH Landed at Clark Air Base – Nov. 28, 2015

Brand New FA-50 Super Sonic Jet of Philippine Air Force landed at Clark Air Base Pampanga. Watch the Full Video Protection

FA-50 Golden Eagle Philippines
FA-50 Philippine Air Force
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The enormous Amazing fireworks display from Dragon Fireworks from the Philippines! for the International fireworks Festival of Hannover, Germany. – Cant watch it because GEMA Blocked it? go here: – Like and follow us on facebook:
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Bizarre Foods – Philippines (Full Documentary)

Unusual Foods with Andrew Zimmern is a travel and cuisine television show hosted by Andrew Zimmern on the Travel Channel. Unusual Foods concentrates on regional cuisine from around the globe which is typically perceived by Americans as being revolting, unique, or bizarre. In each episode, Zimmern focuses on the cuisine of a specific country or region. He usually demonstrates how the food is procured, where it is served, and, normally without reluctance, eats it.

Balut, Calamansi, Bamboo shoots, Coconut and rice paste covered on banana leaves and roasted, Okoy (shrimp pancake), Deep fried fertilized duck eggs, child chickens marinated, steamed and fried, Tokneneng, Ube and cheese-flavor ice cream in a bun.
At Balaw Balaw in Angono, Rizal: Balaw-balaw sauce, with fermented shrimp paste, soup Number 5 (bull’s anus and testicles soup), uok in adobo, white worms from the larvae of crickets or beetles discovered in fallen coconut trees, crispy fried Alagaw leaves, ginatang bilo-bilo. At Everyone’s Café in San Fernando, Pampanga: Dinuguan, a blood stew, Crickets of rice fields cooked in adobo style, Betute Tugak (packed frog with pork).
Puerto Princesa: Banana Skewers, bananas rolled in brow sugar and deep-fried with caramelized sugar crust, fried chicken intestins on a stake. Kinabuchs: seaweeds, mussels on a half shell, grilled tuna belly, snails cooked with coconut, tuna collars grilled.
Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National forest, mangrove worms.
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The Voice Kids Philippines 2015 Blind Audition: “Thinking Out Loud” By Gian

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Thousands march in Australia, New Zealand, Philippines for climate change action

Thousands march in Australia, New Zealand, Philippines for environment change action
The company has filed a case with the Commission on Human Rights getting in touch with the biggest carbon emitters in the Philippines to reveal how long they have actually understood about climate change and what actions have already been taken, and will be taken, …
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