The Revilla Brothers’ star in action-Thriller TRES for Imus Productions

The Revilla Brothers’ star in action-Thriller TRES for Imus Productions


             They say three is a crowd but never for the Revilla Brothers: Jolo, Bryan and Luigi Revilla who stars in the movie TRES produced by Imus Productionms showcased their talents in jam-packed action sequences .Set in a trilogy, the first one features Bryan Revilla in VIRGO.True to being a Revilla, Bryan had the spunk and angst that the role asked for. He stars alongside the beautiful Karla Humphries and Joey Marquez among others.He was orphaned as a boy because his parents got involved in an incident that haunted him for ever. He made sure that he’ll come back for those who murdered his family hence becoming a Police officer who hunted down drug lords and their protectors.Will he succeed in this quest or will it get the best of him?

Opening the second part of the trilogy is newcomer Luigi Revilla (Bryan and Jolo’s half brother) who starred as Louie who got involved into drugs because of Shelly (Assunta de Rossi)-a big time drug mule who works with Sandino Martin and Patrick Sugui. With them is cutie Marcus Patterson, a student but doesn’t want to be involved in such dealings.Things encounter a different turn when Sandino got jealous of Louie’s (Revilla) closeness to Shelly. During a night at a bar, Louie crosses paths with Myrtle Saroza , a waitress , sweet and innocent.This leads Shelly to be jealous and puts Louie out of their gang.Will Louie still get out of this mess, or will it be just a little too late for him?This second part is entitled AMATS.I applaud Luigi for a newcomer as he gave justice to the role.

The last part of the Trilogy is entitled 72 Hours starring Jolo Revilla, a dignified Police officer who is on the look out for drug addicts .He got partnered with Rhian Ramos under the PDEA department but sudden twists took a turn when he blackmails Jolo to get her sister back as her sister is hailed hostaged by Dominic Roque’s character, Congressman Fernan.Who gets to survive the last 72 hours? Your guess is as good as mine.

Overall, I find  the film overwhelming with action sequences and there is no denying that that the Revilla is in them.The intensity in their eyes is very evident in every frame.The action shots were done with precision and the coherence to them is exquisite.The advocacy to fight drugs is just as important because let’s admit the fact that many lives are shattered and lost because of it .The message of the film is timely and relevant.

I am glad that it also explored different sides of the Antagonist/ protagonist formula, connivance,concealment and black mail.TRES is showing in major cinemas nationwide, Please come out and support local!


Photo credits: Jolo Revilla 

Royal residence states Marawi people’s view on Duterte’s problem for Muslims ‘easy to understand’.

Royal residence states Marawi people’s view on Duterte’s problem for Muslims ‘easy to understand’.

MANILA – Malacañang on Friday stated it was ‘easy to understand’ that some citizens of war-torn Marawi City believe President Rodrigo Duterte has no worry for Muslims.

In a survey carried out last April 12 to 15, the Social Weather Stations claimed Marawi homeowners were much less persuaded that Duterte has problem for Muslims.

The survey showed that 30 percent of internally displaced persons (IDPs) from Marawi City believe that Duterte is worried concerning Muslims, compared with 36 percent who do not think so. This led to a net score of -6.

In contrast, 50 percent of Marawi residents that were not displaced by the battle think Duterte is concerned about Muslims, while 24 percent do not think so. This caused a +26 net score.

” This view … is understandable, given that Marawi City has actually been the facility of the Maute rebellion, which caused its destruction as well as displacement of its locals, as mentioned by 32% of Marawi City participants,” Presidential Spokersperson Harry Roque claimed.

” Nonetheless, it is necessary to note that even after the Marawi siege, majority continuouslies place its rely on the Head of state,” he said.

Terrorists from the Islamic State-linked Maute group had actually laid siege on Marawi for five months last year, compeling thousands to leave and also damaging much of the city.

Roque stated despite this much less rosy sight of Marawi citizens on the President, the Palace is still thankful that 68 percent of IDPs and also 78 percent of non-displaced Marawi citizens think the federal government did good in offering alleviation, shelter and also financial assistance for evacuees.

The same survey showed that majority of Marawi City locals – 56 percent among IDPs as well as 80 percent amongst non-IDPs – believe their quality of life now as compared to a year ago became worse.

The federal government is currently working to rehabilitate the city, which was heavily ravaged by 5 months of combating in between government troops and Islamic State-inspired rebels.

Recovery efforts, nonetheless, remain to experience hold-ups.