UST Food Guide: 5 Must-Visit Food Joints in UST

UST Food Guide: 5 Must-Visit Food Joints in UST

Limited the UST Food Guide to just 5 can be tough. There are several excellent places to eat just within walking distance by the compound surrounding the University of Santo Tomas. The main challenge then comes in the moment you try to see which food joints have been around longer than expected. Then again you realize why some of the spots mentioned here made the cut because they kept the UST campus community satiated.

Cow-Wow Sausage Haus (P. Noval St.)

So how would you like your sausage? Big or small? In this UST Food Guide, the terms that usually apply to Cow-Wow Sausage Haus would be “Hungarian” or “Schublig”. Pretty European. Then again, meat really tastes great when eaten with rice for breakfast. Or any other time of the day that you felt like craving for sausage. For folks trying to cut down on rice, you can opt for eating Cow-Wow’s sausages with a bun, a cup of mashed potatoes or some pasta. Highly recommended for folks that wanted their sausage-themed meals to go big.

Sisig Express (Dapitan St.)

Going a few blocks around the compound, the UST Food Guide would eventually include the Sisig Express. Like there are several eateries around the area offering several viands to go with your cup(s) of rice. But sometimes, all you need is sisig. While other eateries would limit their servings of sisig to chopped pork. Sisig Express chose to offer chicken and bangus versions of this accidental culinary hit. And Sisig Express is one of the food joints that got the alchemy right. Not very far from UST especially when that craving for sisig kicks in.

iChill Theater Cafe Open Mic
iChill Theater Cafe (Dos Castillas St.)

Ah, themed cafes. The kind of areas in the UST Food Guide that you find when it’s not enough to have a cup of coffee. With a menu that would trigger theater nerds into remembering pop culture references in relation to their passion. iChill Theater Cafe ups the ante the moment you choose to chill (pun intended) at the 2nd floor. You’d see musical theater posters that are of collectors’ item level. It helps when an entrepreneur could pour his/her passion into the business. And the customers share the enthusiasm. That enthusiasm is boosted best with a tall tumbler of ice-blended drink and a plate of pasta. Ramen is served for folks that needed a respite from the chilly/rainy weather lately.

S.R. Thai Cuisine (V. Concepcion St.)

Getting around the UST Food Guide. The common misconception about Thai food is that it’s not that different from Filipino food. Then you get served a hearty plate of Pad Thai. Or laksa. Or some other chicken dish served with their trademark S.R. Seafood Fried Rice. You then realize the difference in formulation. Not really alienating taste-wise especially when you like your food spicy yet still authentically Asian. Servings are pretty generous too.

Mang Tootz Food House

In terms of longevity, Mang Tootz Food House is legen (wait for it) dary. Some foodies that have earned their degrees in UST would come back to this staple in any UST Food Guide known online. And that is just to get their fix of Banana-rhuma. Like imagine your humble turon getting the Mang Tootz culinary treatment. Add cinnamon and milk powder. Then sprinkle with sesame seeds to finish it off. Best eaten with a full meal composed of rice with inihaw na liempo or chicken kebab.

Did we miss anything?

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International Religious Leader Rael Supports Duterte

international religious leader Rael

Philippine President Duterte supported by international religious leader Rael. The international head of the movement called Raelian has pledged support for the embattled president of the Philippines. This support comes at the state leader’s claims that the United Nations is “stupid”.

International Religious Leader Rael
Source: Al Jazeera Inside Story

Part of the comment that the international religious leader Rael made is translated as follows:

“Finally! A head of state may trigger the dismantlement of the US puppet United Nations Organization and inviting China, African nations and other countries to create a rival international body is a wonderful idea! Should be called Anti-Imperialism States Organization.”

It wasn’t the first time that the concept or idea of an international organization separate from the United Nations has been entertained in the past. Maybe the international religious leader Rael was not the first person to think of it. (And certainly, not Duterte either). Then again, for certain organizations and sovereign states that don’t feel that much UN love. They’d rather have economic and political ties with each others without minding UN again. Maybe not ever. But surely not for the long time.


Does forming a separate global organization automatically mean going against the UN? No. The European Union was formed with economic cooperation in mind. The Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) was formed as a support group for the Latin American countries. BRICS emerged as a group of nations that rely on each other for economic and political power consisting of Brazil, Russia, China and South Africa.

As of late, new acronyms like MINT (Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey.) and CIVETS (Colombia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt, Turkey and South Africa.) emerged. These latter groups haven’t been “formalized” in the vein of BRICS. But one can sense an attempt to gather into groups outside the UN system. What does that say about UN’s influence then?

International Religious Leader Rael
Source: Strategic Affairs

Let’s go back to international religious leader Rael’s comment about Duterte. Now that we have analyzed global affairs now. The last sentence says “Should be called Anti Imperialism States Organization.” It’s like a soft shade thrown at UN for having a certain level of favoritism thrown the US way. Globalization wasn’t as controversial as it used to be anymore. Some states have started thinking about themselves more and less about what the international community. This is why EU and other sympathizers feared Brexit. After UK grows a pair and packs its bags. Would the rest of the members dissatisfied with the current EU leadership follow? Could it be another source of inspiration for Duterte’s PHexit?

For Duterte, it’s simple. He’s trying to do his job and he hates interference. And he doesn’t give a rat’s ass on whether it’s the frickin’ UN. He just wanted to serve the people. He lived here in the Philippines all his life. He experienced how hard life had been here. And he wouldn’t let a bunch of bureaucrats interfere in his job when these UN “experts” earned their so-called expertise without ever setting foot in the Philippines. An act lauded by the international religious leader Rael.

International Religious Leader Rael
Source: Al Jazeera Inside Story

As of this writing, President Duterte has returned to the Philippines after a successful stint in the ASEAN Summit and his state visit to Indonesia. Would a meeting with the international religious leader Rael be far behind? Tune in to updates here at The Philippines Web by liking our Facebook page and following us on Twitter. We’d be expecting you.