On My Own Cover Les Miserables – On My Own – Les Miserables | Kuya Manzano Cover

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Les Miserables made me take this profession seriously!

Thank you for watching this video, singing is my passion, dreaming of being a rockstar and a Broadway star one day. Subscribe and share with whoever you think it can help or entertain in their journey too.

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Kuya Manzano is a Spanish Filipino actor, power tenor singer, entrepreneur and Raelian life guide.

He has been performing professionally around the globe since 1998. Most notorious performances lately in the Philippines:

– Lead at opera Noli me Tangere

– Main cast of Katipunan TV series by GMA TV

– Main cast at Cinemalaya film Amor y Muerte

– Main cast at CCP Marco Polo the musical


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Love and Infinity! Kuya Manzano 🙂

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