Living Amidst Graves & Bones: The Philippines’ Cemetery Slums

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Like numerous of its Asian neighbors, the Philippines has been website of rapid financial development over the past twenty years. Following a duration of martial law and rigorous control over rural provinces, peasants and farmers began moving to the country’s capital, Manila, in the 1980s searching for better lives. Nevertheless, numerous of these people continued to be on the margins of both society and the city itself. As the population grew, slums started cropping up.

VICE Japan took a trip to Manila in order to investigate conditions in one such run-down neighborhood inside Navotas Cemetery, where 6,000 guys, ladies, and youngsters presently live amidst the tombs and excavated human bones.

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Philippines vs Russia|Round 1|Full HD|2015 World Cup of Swimming pool.
Philippines, Carlo Biado & Warren Kiamco.
Russia, Ruslan Chinakhov & Konstantin Stepanov.

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32 thoughts on “Living Amidst Graves & Bones: The Philippines’ Cemetery Slums

  1. This makes me want to change the world. Starting with birth control education and resources.

  2. I'm from the Philippines, I've seen these things first hand, and I can say the problem with poor people here (and I think around world) is that they pump babies they can't possibly afford to raise. The middle class here have 2-3 kids in general and wait till they're 25 to have families, the poor have 4-8 kids and starts having them before they're even allowed to vote. We got a neighbor here who has 8 kids and he only earns about $7 a day driving a tricycle and he's wife's at home taking care of their brood. And every action being pushed by the government to solve this issue is being blocked and opposed by the Catholic church.

  3. Im ashamed and demoralized in what I just watched but it is true and I have to accept that it is a fact. I hope this image of my country will erase as the next president steps in. I hope we filipinos think for our future prosperity and not "bahala na si batman" thing. 

  4. This is really sad.. The place, the living condition of each, the kids growing up unsure of their future… And the dying puppy … That puppy should get medical attention right away. Also, the 2-month pregnant girl, she needs prenatal care… Not only that i worry when the baby comes out and will have to be raised in that kind of place 🙁 very sad

  5. So heartbreaking.Very sad.I pray that they will rise again rise from poverty.The product of many calamities that frequented the Philippines.

  6. I loved the part where the boy asked her out and she was like 'Ok.' And then he just said he needed to take a shower LMAOOO

  7. Philippine government is more corrupt after the Marcos administration, I suggest a better and more research about the country next time because shits are getting worst.

  8. search payatas or "Philippines' smokey mountain." :I i hope y'all aren't so sensitive, if you are ignore this comment.

  9. Kiamco did a push out 16:57. Russia gave the table back. Shouldn't it be Biado's turn? Why did Kiamco took the table again?

  10. I think they P.I made a wrong partnership between Kaimco and Carlo, it should had been Jeff who is hot right now.
    Wrong, wrong ….

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