ALDUB Where To Go: Leaving The Mansion

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[ALDUB Where To Go Featured Image from @MaineAlden16.] It was a sad day for the De Explorer Mansion at the ALDUB Where To Go episode. Its inhabitants have been officially evicted by virtue of a court order. The sheriff arrived at the ALDUB MaiDen Moment episode and executed the eviction off-cam. Lola Nidora was tearful at seeing the mansion she inherited from her parents foreclosed. It was the De Explorer’s saddest Christmas so far. So sad they did not even get to stay in the mansion for the holidays.

ALDUB Where To Go
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Donya Tidora and Donya Tinidora got to use the boxes that Lola Nidora gave them at the ALDUB MaiDen Moment episode. Any item not included in the writ was put in their respective boxes. YayaDUB was DUBsmashing her sadness away at the ALDUB Where To Go episode. Each of the Kalye’s Angels had their DUBsmash moments too.

Later the boxes were carried to the waiting truck with help from the Rogelio Rogelio Rogelio. Only the Rogelio Rogelio Rogelio were the bodyguards left as of the ALDUB Where To Go episode. Both the Bernardo Bernardo Bernardo and the Cuando Cuando Cuando are nowhere to be found. The Rogelio Rogelio Rogelio sat on the sofa. YayaDUB and the Kalye’s Angels sat at the edge of the truck before the truck moved out of the compound.

The truck stopped close to their next Sugod Bahay errand. Donya Tidora is not used to the poor life. She started channeling her inner actress. “Ayoko ng walang tubig. Ayoko ng mabaho. Ayoko ng putik.” (I don’t want [a place] without water. I don’t want foul smell. I don’t want mud.) Donya Tinidora immediately got the pop culture reference. She used a pop culture reference of her own in the ALDUB Where To Go episode. “Tumigil ka nga diyan, Maricel. Pasan ko ang daigdig.” (Shut up, Maricel [Soriano]. I have the world on my shoulders. [From “Pasan Ko Ang Daigdig” starring Sharon Cuneta.])

ALDUB Where To Go
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Donya Tinidora seemed happy about moving. She gave a vague suggestion on their next home as of the ALDUB Where To Go episode. “Ang daming tambay dito. Alam mo naman ang type ko. Mga bangkay.” (So many bystanders here. You know my type of guys. The zombie-looking men.) Both grannies then noticed Lola Nidora gone and asked YayaDUB. YayaDUB knew. “Nagaayos pa po yata ng pera natin.” (I think she’s still arranging our finances.) Donya Tidora was skeptical about any loose change left. “May natira pa bang pera natin? Ang hirap ng ganito.” (Is there any money left for us? This is hard.)

Alden then appeared on the other monitor to exchange DUBsmash tracks with YayaDUB. He’s visibly sad. “Yaya, kumusta ka na?” (Nanny, how are you?) YayaDUB didn’t mince her words at the ALDUB Where To Go episode. “Eto. Malungkot kasi wala pa kaming lilipatan.” (Here. We’re sad because we don’t have a place to stay yet.) He felt guilty since there was nothing he could do on his end to stop the eviction at the ALDUB Where To Go episode. “Sori ha? Sori wala akong nagawa.” (I’m sorry. Sorry for not doing anything.)

Alden suggested that he come over to help. “Hindi ko kayang nakikita kayong ganyan.” (I can’t bear seeing you like that.) Donya Tinidora is visibly upset. “Alam mo ba kung saan kami naron? Punta ka ng punta.” (Do you even know where are we? You keep saying you’d come over.) Donya Tinidora had been cranky for weeks now. It worsened at the ALDUB Where To Go episode. Worsening Alden’s guilty feelings.

ALDUB Where To Go
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Donya Tidora’s foul mood wasn’t as snappy as Donya Tinidora though. “Ito na yata ang tinatawag na SEPANX. Separation Anxiety.” (This might be what they call separation anxiety.) While she hasn’t returned to the mansion until the ALDUB Love on Top episode. Donya Tidora’s sadness still prevails at the ALDUB Where To Go episode. Donya Tinidora is annoyed at her sister’s drama. “Sepanx Sepanx ka pa diyan. Sepanxin kita diyan eh.” (You and your sepanx drama. I’d sepanx you!)

Dok Dora De Explorer was later heard. “Backpack! Backpack!” Alden was happy to see her again. “Hinahanap kita kahapon.” (I was looking for you yesterday. [At the ALDUB MaiDen Moments episode.]) Dora explained her absence at the late lunch at the mansion. “Kinain ko yung tira nyo.” (I ate your leftovers.) She came in time to solve Donya Tidora’s separation anxiety. “Sabi po, umiiyak kayo.” (I was told that you were crying.) Lola Nidora must have sent her ahead as she was left to finalize some things at the mansion.

In the case of Donya Tidora though. Dok Dora De Explorer had an amusing diagnosis. “Sepanxinitis inartis. Pinagdadaanan ng taong malungkot.” (A condition by a sad person.) She then pulled out a vial for Donya Tidora to take at the ALDUB Where To Go episode. Its main ingredient is from a certain hard-to-find animal. “Ingrownus octupusis. Ingrown ng maarteng octopus.” (Ingrown from a bratty octupus.) Donya Tinidora then asked. “Gamot sa lagnat? Meron ka ba?” (How about fever? Got any?) [Apparently, as of the ALDUB Where To Go episode. Wally Bayola allegedly stretched himself too thin. Apart from the KalyeSerye, he had gigs from north to south of Metro Manila. It has become an inside joke in the ALDUB Where To Go episode.]

ALDUB Where To Go

When asked where is Rihanna. Dok Dora De Explorer relayed Lola Nidora’s word. “Inutusan siya ni Lola na maghanap ng bahay.” (Granny Nidora told her to find another house.) As bad as the situation has gotten in the ALDUB Where To Go episode. YayaDUB remained optimistic. “Mahirap maging masaya dahil sa nangyari sa atin. Pero Juan For All All For Juan tayo.” (It’s hard to be happy because of what happened to us. But we’re all in this together.)

Donya Tinidora would miss the Cuando Cuando Cuando though as well as the ladder. Dok Dora De Explorer’s vial to Donya Tidora quickly worked though. Still the fashionista in her prevailed. “Sana hindi humulas ang makeup ko.” (Hopefully my makeup won’t get dull.) Donya Tinidora got annoyed with Donya Tidora again. YayaDUB kept the upbeat mood alive.

The grannies then had to ask where in the world is Donya Babah. Alden didn’t know. “Hindi ko po alam bakit hindi nagpapakita si Lola.” (I don’t know why granny hasn’t showed up yet.) Donya Babah is still the same as of the ALDUB Where To Go episode. She’d show up whenever she felt like it to the point of crashing parties like the ALDUB Happy BDay Lola episode. But Donya Tinidora pinned the blame on Alden in Donya Babah’s absence. “Kasalanan mo ‘to. Mahal mo tapos hahayaan mong matulog sa ganito?” (It’s all your fault. If you really love her, you won’t neglect her like this.)

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Alden then suggested a place. “Uwi na kita sa Laguna?” (You want me to take you home to Laguna?) Donya Tinidora snapped at Alden. “Ganun? Pano kami?” (Is that so? How about us?) Alden clarified that the grannies are included. One of the KalyeSerye commentators, Allan K, then suggested at the ALDUB Where To Go episode. “Ayaw mo ba sa Bulacan?” (Don’t you want it in Bulacan?) YayaDUB then commented. “Inaaya ka din eh.” (She’s inviting you too.) When Alden asked who could it be. YayaDUB answered. “Si Maine.” (It’s Maine.)

One of the KalyeSerye commentators, Boss Joey de Leon, suggested another place. “Ayaw nyo kay Allan K?” (Don’t you want to stay at Allan K’s place?) Donya Tinidora was quick to answer. “Ayoko dun. Malalaki ang mga sapatos dun eh.” (I don’t want to be there. The shoes there are big.) Alden then reiterated what he said at the ALDUB Where To Go episode. “Gusto kong malaman mo. Seryoso ako sa bahay sa Laguna.” (I want you to know. I am serious about the house in Laguna.) YayaDUB had apprehensions though. “Baka magulat kami. Me kumatok dun.” (We might get perpelexed about someone knocking in.) It resulted in another joke exchange between Alden and YayaDUB as the ALDUB Where To Go episode.

YayaDUB: Knock, knock
Alden: Who’s there?
YayaDUB: Puso. (Heart.)
Alden: Puso who?
YayaDUB: Wish I may. Wish I might. Find a way to your heart.
Alden: Nasan yung puso? (Where’s the heart?)
YayaDUB: Di ba nasa yo? (You have it, right?)

Lola Nidora arrived after a few jokes exchanged between the “friends”. Alden then apologized again to Lola Nidora. Lola Nidora absolved Alden from the blame. But she didn’t hold back on her disappointment. “Wala ka namang control sa pag-iisip ng lola mo. Pero wow! Grabe ang lola mo. Walang extension?” (You have no control with your grandmother’s thoughts. But wow! Your grandmother is harsh. No extension?) Lola Nidora found it swift. Alden then promised to Lola Nidora at the ALDUB Where To Go episode. “Andito naman po ako para tumulong sa inyo.” (I am here to help you.) Lola Nidora still believed she can handle it. “Gagawa ako ng paraan.” (I will find a way.)

Donya Tinidora brought up her suggestion again. “Magpakasal na kayo para may bahay na kami.” (Get married so that we’d have a home.) Lola Nidora stopped Donya Tinidora from giving that suggestion again. If Lola Nidora can stop YayaDUB from marrying for money like in the ALDUB Against All Odds episode. She can stop YayaDUB from marrying for economic reasons again. Even if YayaDUB may not object to the wedding this time.

ALDUB Where To Go
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The spot where the truck stopped wasn’t revealed at the ALDUB Where To Go episode. But Donya Tinidora suggested The Fort. “Kung makakarating po kami ng The Fort, dun na lang po kami.” (If we can make it to The Fort [in Taguig], we’d stay there.) Some of the random greetings by the KalyeSerye commentators would give Donya Tidora some alternative areas. “Sa Chicago na lang kaya tayo lumipat?” (What if we move to Chicago?) No mention of the properties that Donya Tidora and Donya Tinidora left behind in Massachusetts though. Donya Tidora’s fund has dried up. Donya Tinidora has some credit card bills to think about. Nevertheless, it didn’t stop the De Explorer entourage from their Sugod-Bahay errand.

On their way to the Sugod-Bahay winner, the Kalye’s Angels started looking for a place to stay. No word if Rihanna has found a place. So Donya Tinidora started asking around. No luck at the ALDUB Where To Go though. They even asked the latest Sugod-Bahay winner upon reaching his house. It was cramped but only because he sold surplus items from Japan. YayaDUB found time to haggle. Next thing that Donya Tinidora realized. YayaDUB has several items in the bag. “Kanina lang wala kang bitbit.” (Awhile ago, you were carrying nothing.)

Donya Tinidora almost teared up in the middle of giving prizes for the Sugod-Bahay errand. Donya Tidora consoled her. “Tini, relax.” Donya Tinidora then shared with their Sugod-Bahay winner not to feel bad about the small house. “Kasi nga napalayas tayo. Ang laki ng mansion namin. Pero wala na. Kaya kahit maliit ang bahay nyo, magkakasama ang pamilya.” (Because we were evicted. We had a mansion. But it’s gone. So even if your house is small, as long as the family is together.) That’s when the prize of Php60,000.00 was given as final gift to their latest winner at the ALDUB Where To Go episode.

ALDUB Where To Go

After the Sugod-Bahay errand. Alden and YayaDUB went back to DUBsmashing tracks to each other. YayaDUB was found in one of the boxes big enough to fit her in. Alden found a fitting track to DUBsmash. The Eagles’ “Love Will Keep Us Alive”. Boss Joey sensed that Alden is struggling with the jokes. [Frankly, he had a lot of catching up to do. Jose Manalo’s cranky sarcasm leaves Alden grasping for straws when it comes to improv.] So Boss Joey dished out a joke of his own at the ALDUB Where To Go episode.

Boss Joey: Knock knock.
Alden: Who’s there?
Boss Joey: Kahon. (Box.)
Alden: Kahon who?
Boss Joey: KAHON mo na ba siya? (Loose translation: Are you ON now?)

Alden and YayaDUB need not answer the sly question though. But Alden tried to remind YayaDUB of Maine’s audition aired at the ALDUB Tamang Panahon special episode. YayaDUB shyly begged off. “Alden, wag dito.” (Alden, not here.) But Alden insisted. And he pretended to be at the audition panel.

Alden: Marunong ka bang kumanta? (Do you know how to sing?)
YayaDUB: Hindi po. (No.)
Alden: Marunong ka bang sumayaw? (Do you know how to dance?)
YayaDUB: Hindi po. (No.)
Alden: Ano kaya mong gawin? (What can you do?)
YayaDUB: Magpapanget po. (Make myself ugly.)
Alden: Sample nga. (Sample please.)
YayaDUB: [impersonates Maine’s wacky audition face]

The Kalye’s Angels returned in time to see YayaDUB in one of the boxes. Alden then pledged help. Donya Tidora tried to ask for cash too. Alden agreed at the ALDUB Where To Go episode. “Sige po. Subukan ko pong makapagdala ng cash.” (Okay. I’d try bringing some cash.) Alden then took the opportunity to ask Lola Nidora. “Nandyan po si Dora? Bakit di po kayo magsabay?” (Is Dora there? How come you don’t arrive together?)

Lola Nidora stated the obvious, at least actor-wise. “Alam mo. Kapag sabay kaming lumabas ni Dora, baka maloka ka.” (You know. If we of Dora arrived together, you might go nuts.) Boss Joey added. “Takbuhan na.” (Time to scamper.) Lola Nidora shortly remembered Alden’s second wish. Just when things have started going well conversation-wise. Alden mentioned the mansion again. It made Lola Nidora’s heart heavy at the ALDUB Where To Go episode.

Alden’s mouth run afoul again. But it’s obvious in the ALDUB Where To Go episode that he never meant to. “Hindi ko na po babanggitin ang mansion.” (I will never mention the mansion again.) Oops! Lola Nidora’s heart sank further. Alden then held back on the second wish. “Hihintayin ko na lang pong payagan nyo po kami ulit.” (I would just wait for you to allow us again.) Donya Tinidora found another reason to scowl at Alden again. Not that she’s against Alden for YayaDUB. It must have been late menopausal mood swings for her.

ALDUB Where To Go
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Also, Donya Tinidora is starting to find Alden insensitive to the current situation. Still the sarcasm is present at the ALDUB Where To Go episode. “Pamilya muna asikasuhin. Puede naman pakasal agad. Wag mo muna ligawan. Pag kinuha mo ito, sino pa ang tutulong sa amin?” (She has to attend to the family first. You can get married immediately. Don’t woo her just yet. If you took her from us, who else would help us?) YayaDUB then tried to turn the tables. She pretended to be at the audition panel.

YayaDUB: Marunong ka bang kumanta? (Do you know how to sing?)
Alden: Hindi po. (No.)
YayaDUB: Marunong ka bang sumayaw? (Do you know how to dance?)
Alden: Hindi po. (No.)
YayaDUB: Ano kaya mong gawin? (What can you do?)
Alden: Magpapanget po. (Make myself ugly.)
YayaDUB: Sample nga. (Sample please.)
Alden: [impersonates Maine’s wacky audition face]

What lies ahead now that the House of De Explorer is no more? YayaDUB tried to keep it together for her grannies by keeping them amused. She almost fell off her box. Donya Tinidora through Gasgas almost scolded her after catching her in time. “Ang kulit niya eh!” After Gasgas is done with his spiel, the Kalye’s Angels sealed YayaDUB’s box in anticipation of the future.

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Christmas won’t be merry for the De Explorer household. Donya Tidora’s separation anxiety was cured. Donya Tinidora’s crankiness persists. YayaDUB has Alden for her strength. And Lola Nidora is trying to be strong for the entire household. Just don’t mention the mansion. Could this be the much awaited season ender? More episode recaps to come. So might as well follow us on our social media accounts. Like our official Facebook page, The Philippines Web. And follow us on Twitter @pinasamazing. We’d be expecting you.