2015 SEA Game Volleyball Indoor Women Preliminary: Philippines vs Indonesia

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2015 28th SEA Game
Females Initial
Malaysia vs Vietnam
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Hi everybody!
Invite to my very first vlog! I believed going overseas was the ideal time to begin, so hope you delight in. If you haven’t been to the Philippines, it is a remarkable location to explore. I certainly enjoyed it:-RRB-.

PART 2 HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aIoJAWA8xHo.


First Hotel was the Artina Suites in Makati City, Manila and 2nd Hotel revealed in Legazpi was the Kichi Hotel.

Kylie Jenner Makeup Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Ecuq3Wm5ok.
Makeup Collection & Storage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XX0gd-M2Jaw.
Grunge Makeup: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=puLrH7DnOMU.

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39 thoughts on “2015 SEA Game Volleyball Indoor Women Preliminary: Philippines vs Indonesia

  1. tsk tsk.. nakakahiya.. kung sino pa yung dayuhan sila pa may gana mag yabang… kaya natatalo e.. PINAPANGUNAHAN NG YABANG! ok na sana… May pa boo pang nalalaman… RESPETO NAMAN OH! KAYA NASISIRA YUNG IMAGE NG MGA PILIPINO E! By the way Nice Game PHILIPPINES bawi nalang kayo next time ;)

  2. magandang Indonesia babae. selamat buat team Indonesia semoga bisa teru menjaga dan meningkatkan kualitasnya di tahun2 mendatang

  3. Philippines is strong, and good, it's just that their opponent is stronger and better. No hates, I'm an ADMU Lady Eagles fan. ^_^

  4. There's actually nothing wrong with boo-ing in sports.. Are you guys new to sports or something? Hahaha i mean NBA does it too.. like if it's the other team's homecourt? The fans tend to boo the opponents of their hometeam.. It's just sad that most of those who acted infavor and immature of this issue are also from the country who made it, Philippines. Judge me, I'm a Filipino. K fine.

  5. may naring ako nag salita na kung babae lng dw lahat kawawa sila sa atin /?? bkit my kasali bang lalaki jan?

  6. kept on scanning Aprillia Manganangs facebook, I still cannot go over the hump that this dude is a girl !

  7. Hopefully ara galang will be ready for the next SEA games. Firepower + floor defense. Jia Morado did a great job as a setter but she is an OBVIOUS liability in the front row. Kim Fajardo would have been a better option. Hopefully for the next SEA games, Open Spiker: Alyssa Valdez and Ara Galang, Middle Blocker: Jaja Santiago and Dindin Santiago (I am actually thinking if dindin could do a "gamova" and perform well in the utility position), Utility: Maizo or Gonzaga, Libero: Gata-Pantone :P

  8. Thanks, i even requested for an emergency leave at work just to watch this, sadly it was not televised, and got repramanded. Suspended for 3 days

  9. nakakahiya mga pinoy dito..dinala pa ang pagkaiskwater sa singapore..parang laro lng sa barangay..kaya di ako magtataka ang baba ng tingin nila sa pinoy..konting hiya nmn po mga kababayan..

  10. it seem all the bad comments here are the fans that not accepted that they are lose, every sports had their own organizations and there was a lot of professionals that had knowledges over all of us about the sports that they managed. and also counts some doctors and a lot expert when testing about what you all had been disscussing in here (gender). don't defend if not had proof and also don't badmouth or others trash talking if you also don't had a proof. let the professionals do their work and accept the result of their decission as a correct fact. by the way, i'm indonesian, if you like to test grammar since there is an insulted about how we speak and write english, bring it on!! let us test our english right now ^_^

  11. Missing Manila so bad. And yes, that place is so hot and sticky. yay… NExt time bring a handkerchief or towel with you hehe

  12. there is so many Amazingn places here at Philippines not just at manila.but moreee!fun!!!!!

  13. You should go at Baguio Philippines. At there ,there is no trash beautiful very amazing and so cold!!when we last visited at there and we are at the top of the mountain it's so cold.so you should visit there I wished I could go there again

  14. it humid..but here in New Zealand..the sun bites..and you get sunburn quicker than staying in Philippines..but if you want you can stay near the beach as it has cool breeze..

  15. i am glad you enjoyed your stay in the Philippines. We have 7,107 islands to explore in. You haven't seen the best yet, our culture, the Filipino people, the beaches and lots more. Hope you come back soon for more…

    Metro Manila is densely populated… but when you want to really experience a more laid back environment, try visiting our provinces. My tip though, try to get some guide whenever you get to some places.

  16. 5:50 it wasnt a gunshot…. it was just a firework… they light them up anytime they want. How do i know? because I am FILIPINO!

  17. Makati is the second city they have thats for the tourist and people with money to invests yes its crazy also its got to be in melburn anyway as long as you stay together learn some local language and be nice to them

  18. My god you guys picked the wrong hotel youre lucky you didnt get rob ive been here for a long time here in philippines out in the probynces anyway be safe anywhere you go im an american visiting philippines im married to pinay next tme before you go anywhere google for the best prices and cheap for hotels and such yea un shoots you hear them every day like in los angeles california but worse ypu have here a lot of american products too you have to get used to it and dont go at night and be always alert dont trust the taxi drivers make sure to write down his number if he gets smart ass with yo7 these are god tips if youre going again either than that its good to visit..

  19. need grabtaxi or uber when in manila. but if you are looking for fun, want to relax, travelers should really stay away from the city.

  20. manila is such a busy place but if you want a cool place to explore once you go back here in the philippines check out batangas. fresh air :D

  21. hey hi i hope u enjoi ur vacation here in the philippines,and im sorry u exprience our traffic is so suck,.but u gonna enjoi being here in philippines,.hope u try our foods we have so many good food and so yummy,..

  22. Mabuhay! Welcome to the chaos of manila, hahaha i suggest you must stay in bonifacio global city taguig. I love bgc.. have fun! I hope you comeback again soon.. 🙂 ?☺?

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