Function Rooms for Rent in Manila: Celebrate!

Function Rooms for Rent in Manila

Any available function rooms for rent in Manila? Metro Manila in general, that is. Searching for that affordable venue for your next meeting or “team building session” should not be a hassle. Especially when you have a ready checklist to glance at once in awhile. Factors like how many people can a function room fit? How much does it cost per hour? What other perks are included? These served as factors in assembling this list of function rooms for rent in Manila.

(DISCLAIMER: Price tags mentioned in these function rooms for rent in Manila are the ones currently enforced as of this writing. Calling said establishments on the phone numbers provided is still the recommended thing to verify.)
Function Rooms for Rent in Manila
Image from Cafe Sweet Inspirations FB Page

Cafe Sweet Inspirations: Function Rooms for Rent in Manila

The restaurant’s name, Cafe Sweet Inspirations, gives you an idea that their specialty leaned towards cakes and pastries. It could not have been farther from the truth. Located at 311 Katipunan Ave, Loyola Heights, Quezon City. This restaurant/cafe/bakery is also known for their Mongolian buffet. This means you get to make your own Mongolian bowl depending on which ingredients found in the buffet suited your taste.

Cafe Sweet Inspirations’ function room can host up to 30 people. That’s almost half a whole class if you plan to have a class reunion or office get-together in here. Possibly one of the function rooms in Manila recommended if you expect an attendance that big.  Call them up at (02)432-4200 if you plan to spend beyond 3 hours in this sweet spot in Katipunan.

Function Rooms for Rent in Manila
Image from Blacksoup Cafe + Artspace FB Page

Blacksoup Cafe + Artspace: Function Rooms for Rent in Manila

Blacksoup Cafe + Artspace has become the place to go for summer workshops. True to its label of being an “artspace”. But most of the buzz came from its menu that features suspended coffee and guyabano ice cream. Names alone just increased this place’s buzz-worthiness. Located at Unit G, Maginhawa Bldg, 154 Maginhawa St, Sikatuna Village, Quezon City. The workshops staged here also exposed one of the best function rooms for rent in Manila if you see yourself organizing similar events.

What kind of events have they hosted in the past? 2 of them are the story-telling workshop featuring “Kuya” Bodgie Pascua of Batibot fame and the Basic Stop Motion Animation Workshop for Kids. If you have similar workshops in mind to stage at Blacksoup Cafe + Artspace. The intimate setting here would help. Now, “intimate” means an event that can house up to 20 people. That, dear readers, meant an all-inclusive package to go with the rental fee in one of the most interesting function rooms for rent in Manila. Call them up at (02) 435-2549 for specific quotations including food and drinks.

Function Rooms for Rent in Manila
Image from AfterShift Grill’s FB Page

AfterShift Grill & Restaurant: Function Rooms for Rent in Manila

Sometimes, all you ever wanted in your event is a place to unwind. Some of you, readers, might interpret it as KTV night. This is where one of the upbeat function rooms for rent in Manila is recommended – AfterShift Grill & Restaurant. After securing a niche among call center employees. AfterShift Grill & Restaurant has cornered a market need for function rooms for rent in Manila. How? By having VIP rooms that can house up to 12 people for a night of partying.

Yes, some people can’t find the courage to sing their heart out unless aided by alcohol. You immediately lose your inhibitions that way. Located at 101 Urban Ave, Makati, it’s the essential watering hole to hangout with your friends. Any specifications or particular queries about their VIP rooms may be asked by calling them up at 0917-498-8764.

Function Rooms for Rent in Manila
Image from Ella and the Blackbird’s FB Page

Ella and the Blackbird: Function Rooms for Rent in Manila

Ever had a craving for Truffle Mushroom Pasta? If you are into pasta served with toasted pan on the side while having your frappe. Ella and the Blackbird is the ideal spot for you. Rice meals like Beef Salpicao and fusion cuisine like the Adobo Pasta are some of their recent additions to their offerings in this cafe. It has also become one of the cafes that foodies troop to when searching for function rooms for rent in Manila.

Where is the function room rented here at Ella and the Blackbird? This is one of the function rooms for rent in Manila where the place itself is the one being rented out per hour. Quite economical for the owner. This would simply mean having the place reserved for an occasion of your choice. The laid back look of this cafe seemed like an ideal place for open mic events or acoustic nights. Could be an ideal place to have an intimate event. Located at 88 Esteban Abada St, Loyola Heights, Quezon City, you can call in your queries by dialing (02) 294-1633.

Function Rooms for Rent in Manila

iChill Theater Cafe: Function Rooms for Rent in Manila

Sometimes you arrive in a place that has one of the function rooms for rent in Manila that gives you several choices. A KTV night, an open mic night, a film showing night. And maybe even a night to simply celebrate birthday parties. Any occasion that could be booked in a room that could fit up to 30 people. It also helped that iChill Theater Cafe operated on a musical theater theme. Perfect for musical theater nerds.

The walls are surrounded by posters of musical theater productions from the collection of its owner/proprietor, theater actor Kuya Manzano. It has hosted several events in the past that ranged from the light hearted fare to the casual lectures to the laid back debates. Renting the function room at the second floor is on a per hour basis, regardless of how many guests you expect at your event. And it’s only for P1,400 per hour. All-consumable of food and drinks.

Located at Dos Castillas Dr, Sampaloc, Manila, it is just a few corners away from the University of Santo Tomas. As one of the function rooms for rent in Manila that is easily accessible, calling them is as easy as dialing (02) 521-0056. You can also send your queries on their official Facebook page.

Getting in touch with any of these cafes and restaurants would be a good start to choosing which among these function rooms for rent in Manila fits your bill. Chances are you have a budget to keep in check as well. For more updates regarding which batch of function rooms for rent in Manila to analyze, just follow us on our respective social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter. We’d be expecting you.

Things to Do in Manila: Around Metro Manila

Things to Do in Manila

Ever wondered about things to do in Manila when you have nothing else to do on your spare time? Surely, there are bazaars and Christmas-related events that would pique your interest. Whether you just love hanging around the metro based on your passions and what-not, The Philippines Web compiled several things to do within the week.

Things To Do in Manila

Things To Do in Manila
American Women’s Bazaar for the Christmas Season 2015
15 December 2015
SMX Convention Center Mall of Asia
Seashell Lane, Pasay City

The American Women’s Club of the Philippines (AWCP) had been organizing bazaars on a monthly basis now since July 2015. Still it’s never too late to join in the fun for your last minute Christmas shopping. It also served as the club’s way of celebrating diversity of expats residing in the country. With 300 vendors packed in one event, the next problem is your first purchase. When haggling is planned among desired things to do in Manila, all you have to do is show up and join in the fun.

Things To Do in Manila
Source: Facebook

Things To Do in Manila
Children’s Play for Adults
12 December 2015 to 19 December 2015.
Power Mac Center Spotlight.
Blackbox Theater of Circuit Makati.

A play that rocked this year’s Virgin Labfest is one half of the twin bill featured in this event. Entitled “Si Maria Isabella at ang Guryon ng mga Tala”. It will be staged alongside “Games People Play” by Glenn Sevilla Mas. repeat-Palanca-winner. “Games People Play” had a limited run at Ateneo de Manila as featured on Solar News Philippines. It is guaranteed to be one of the worthwhile things to do in Manila. But only for a limited time. Contact 09178109668 while ticket supplies last.

A Filipino is the new National Guide for the Raelian Movement.

Things To Do in Manila
Philippine Raelian Meeting.
13 December 2015, 12pm to 3pm
University of the Philippines.
College of Social Work and Community Development.

Got questions on aliens and other eccentric interests? Finding kindred spirits in topics that would spark curiosity in life outside our lonely planet is possible in attending one of the monthly meetings with the Philippine Raelian Movement. A group that tackles issues like science, creation and related topics. This month’s meeting would focus on cellular transmission. This group was already discussed here at The Philippines Web that you can read here. Anyone with last minute changes for tomorrow to attend the Philippine Raelian Meeting among things to do in Manila can view the event’s details by clicking here.

Things To Do in Manila
Source: STE Facebook Page

Things To Do in Manila
Entrep Christmas Bazaar
By the Society of Thomasian Entrepreneurs
13 December 2015
G/F Entrep Mezzanine

If there is one bazaar worth going for the holidays in your last minute shopping hunt. It’s the Entrep Christmas Bazaar by the Society of Thomasian Entrepreneurs (STE). Great deals await you packed with value. Definitely an event worth noting on your organizers among things to do in Manila. STE members get exclusive access to cafe vouchers. And these vouchers are from the next establishment to be mentioned in our list of things to do in Manila.

Things To Do in Manila
Source: PWR Terminus Page

Things To Do in Manila
PWR Terminus
19 December 2015, 7pm
iAcademy Auditorium
iAcademy Plaza
H. V. Dela Costa Ave, Makati City

A deserving inclusion among your list of things to do in Manila and beyond includes the final show for 2015 of the Philippine Wrestling Revolution (PWR). A Filipino company once featured on ABS-CBN’s “Rated K”. With the vision of reviving Pinoy wrestling. It has carved a niche among wrestling enthusiasts thirsty for new blood. It has earned a loyal following even from the so-called “casual fanbase”. Matches include a gauntlet match, a hair vs mask match, a contender’s match and a championship match. Details on the card and tickets to purchase can be viewed by clicking here. The VIP tix had been selling briskly. So calling as early as possible would be highly advisable.

Things To Do in Manila
Source: Hello! Project Philippines

Things To Do in Manila
A Night of Japanese Pop Season IV
3 2 1 Breakin’ Out
20 December 2015, 3 to 5 pm
iChill Theater Cafe
1125 Dos Castillas St,
Sampaloc, Manila

JPop enthusiasts in the metro now have an event to go for the weekend. An event hosted by Hello! Project Philippines, it will be feature kawaii talents that are currently in the Philippines. iChill Theater Cafe serves as the ultimate intimate venue for everyone that enjoys JPop music. A memorable treat among things to do in Manila this season.

iChill Theater Cafe is open 7 days a week from 1pm to 1am. For reservations, you can reach iChill by landline, 521-0056 as well as on social media. Like their official Facebook page, iChill Theater Cafe. And follow them on Twitter @iChillTheater.

Things to do in Manila make this week a packed experience for you. What other events await Metro Manila dwellers then? It’s for us to know and for you to find out. You can do that by following us on our social media accounts as well. Like our official Facebook page, The Philippines Web. And follow us on Twitter @pinasamazing. We’d be expecting you.

Art Expo in Manila: #EncountersPH

Art Expo in Manila

[Art Expo in Manila Featured Image by Mary Jane Sadiasa] Pictures of bus tickets on canvas. Images reminiscent of a textured leather upholstery in some SUV’s. Art that presented the beloved city of Manila in full color in various mediums. Such are the images to be expected at the collaborative effort called Encounters PH.

Art Expo in Manila
Image by Mary Jane Sadiasa

Encounters is a group show presenting the works of Lester Babiera, Mark Evan Lopez, Romsanne Ortiguero and Jasmine Cruz. Various images with one central theme – travel. Tourism was one of the industries that boomed. And it only served as a fitted exhibit to present the kind of encounters [pun intended] that tourists from all walks of life stumbled upon. This Art Expo in Manila features works that emphasized mobility in the 21st Century.

The aforementioned Art Expo in Manila officially opened to the public last 21 November 2015 at 6pm. Here, paintings by Jasmine Cruz were included among the artworks exhibited for the audience to see. Commuters can easily relate to her bus ticket artwork. Not everyone may have SUV’s for roaming the metro. But everyone surely can commute. Cruz got some nostalgia revved up with her cute piece.

Art Expo in Manila
Image by Mary Jane Sadiasa

Street photography is also found here at iChill for the Art Expo in Manila. The black-and-white treatment applied on the photos add drama and allure to otherwise ordinary objects. Who would have thought a cat’s beauty in serenity is highlighted in a B&W photo? It also added a romantic feel to images of a lamp light. The same haunting beauty is seen on a captured photo of what seems like a one-way street. Some streets in Manila turned out to be lovely if given the B&W treatment in street photography.

Art is meant to be an expression. This is how it turned out to be at Encounters PH. The Art Expo in Manila that you should go into. Nothing too emotional but sentimental enough in reminiscing about the Manila not romanticized as often as it should anymore. Artists that joined the Encounters PH Art Expo in Manila presented their outlook on their own travels (presumably) in these works of art. No wonder mixed media became the appropriate term eventually. Of course, appreciating art is enjoyed best by having a tall tumbler of chilled coffee.

Art Expo in Manila
Source: NCCA Official Instagram Account

The venue for the Encounters PH Art Expo in Manila is iChill Theater Cafe. Possibly the friendliest coffee shop this side of Sampaloc. Enjoy some pasta or nachos with your chilled coffee while contemplating on the artworks. When hanging out in a theater-themed cafe, expect artistry all around. See it in the mixed media. Smell and taste it at iChill. Having musical theater soundtracks playing in the background surely seals the deal.

How to get to iChill Theater Cafe for the Art Expo in Manila? If you are studying in one of the high profile schools at the university belt. And if you know where the UST Medical Center is located. Then you surely can locate iChill. It’s located at 1125 Dos Castillas St, Sampaloc, Manila. Just a few meters behind McDo Lacson Ave. For more information, call them at their landline number. 521-0056. More details are at their Facebook and Twitter accounts for your perusal.

See it before it closes on 21 December 2015. You don’t have to hold back on your artistic desires. See what Encounters PH has to offer for you. With exposures earned at Manila Bulletin and at the National Commission for Culture and the Arts. You are guaranteed a treat in this Art Expo in Manila. Click here to confirm your attendance at iChill Theater Cafe.