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Top 10 Philippine Hot Men

Ranking the top 10 Philippine hot men turned out to be a major challenge. Why? Because it is no longer about showing some skin, displaying your abs and having a pretty face to match that package. Not all men are created equal. Whether the men intended it to be that way or not. It also becomes an issue about remaining relevant. So much about this list would be reliant on being current and still be as hot as when they first entered Tinseltown.

Top 10 Philippine Hot Men
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Top 10 Philippine Hot Men 10. Coco Martin

This list is not the only list what Coco Martin once reigned in. Several versions of the top 10 Philippine hot men not found in this website have included him in the past. He once reigned as the King of Indie Films. The kind that showed off raw talent and, of course, a lot of skin. But once his career took off on ABS-CBN’s Primetime Bida, he started showing off less skin. Having the talent despite keeping himself clothed meant bagging plum roles. Starting out as a villain in the hit primetime soap “Tayong Dalawa” (The Two of Us). He eventually started top-billing soaps himself. From “Walang Hanggan” (Endless), “Juan dela Cruz”, “Ikaw Lamang” (Only You). His next project is the TV adaptation of the blockbuster film “Ang Probinsiyano” (The Provincial Native).

Top 10 Philippine Hot Men
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Top 10 Philippine Hot Men 9. John Lloyd Cruz

Also a regular in lists that featured the most beautiful in the country. John Lloyd Cruz still ends up getting included in lists like the top 10 Philippine hot men despite getting into rather edgy roles. The good-gone-bad-back-to-good character Atty. Francisco in the hit primetime soap “Nathaniel” proved to be one of the best gambles role-wise. Gracing the cover of Esquire with a semi-bald head gets his loyal fanbase excited for his next career move.

Top 10 Philippine Hot Men
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Top 10 Philippine Hot Men 8. Gerald Anderson

Speaking of edgy roles, it’s a career move that didn’t hurt Gerard Anderson either. With a boy-next-door type of charm and a body to get ovaries imploding, he sure is at home among the top 10 Philippine hot men. He not only makes sure that he keeps himself in top shape constantly. He ensures that the talent he possessed is continuously evolving. It started with taking on the role of neophyte hitman in “On The Job”. Now he is one of the major characters in the hit primetiime soap “Nathaniel”. Love him or hate him. Either way, you still notices him.

Top 10 Philippine Hot Men
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Top 10 Philippine Hot Men 7. Enrique Gil

It’s been months since Enrique Gil’s hit primetime soap “Forevermore” has ended. But he still garners attention enough to get netizens wanting for more. Whether they are oogling for his photos uploaded on Instagram or spying where did he went on a date with reel (?) partner Liza Soberano. Enrique Gil proved that fans are only too eager to see him back on TV. A factoid worth putting him on our list of top 10 Philippine hot men.

Top 10 Philippine Hot Men
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Top 10 Philippine Hot Men 6. Richard Yap

One of the unlikeliest men to reach this level of popularity on mainstream media. Richard Yap has gone a long way from his role as Jade’s domineering father, Papa Chien, on “My Binondo Girl”. His star shone brighter upon becoming “Sir Chief” on the monster morning soap “Be Careful With My Heart” alongside Maya (played by Jodi Sta. Maria). It felt as if that soap would have no finale in sight. Now, he is back on primetime albeit on a weekly basis via “Wansapanataym’s My Kung Fu Chinito”. With a career that keeps coming back, a year from now, perhaps you would see Yap again on our list of top 10 Philippine hot men.

Top 10 Philippine Hot Men
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Top 10 Philippine Hot Men 5. Ian Veneracion

Who would have thought that Ian Veneracion’s career would be revived on television? One of the most underrated actors around, it took several villain roles on primetime TV before the public rediscovers its love for Ian Veneracion. Being on the top half of our list of top 10 Philippine hot men, it seemed as if he has found the fountain of youth. That is if he ever aged at all. From being that young teen star with a breaking voice on the film “Anak ng Demonyo” (literally Spawn of the Devil). To the hunky, manly action star in “Alyas Babyface”, “Boy Praning: Utak Pulbura” and “Kanto Boy 2: Anak ni Totoy Guapo”. Now he is Eduardo Buenavista in the soap remake, “Pangako Sa Yo”. No wonder Claudia and Amor fought over Eduardo.

Top 10 Philippine Hot Men
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Top 10 Philippine Hot Men 4. Dennis Trillo

Dennis Trillo is like fine wine. It seems as if he ends up getting better with age and still look youthful. He is one of the top 10 Philippine hot men not only for his impeccable acting skills. But also for having the body well-maintained and taken care of. And it didn’t hurt either that his most memorable roles involved portraying gay characters. First as the Mata Hari-esque transvestite in “Aishite Masu 1941”. And then as effeminate straight-acting-gay architect Eric in the massively successful “My Husband’s Lover”. Whether naked or clothed. Whether in men’s clothes or women’s clothes. People adore him. This explained best the heightened anticipation for next soap, “My Faithful Husband” with once ex-girlfriend Jennylyn Mercado.

Top 10 Philippine Hot Men
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Top 10 Philippine Hot Men 3. Tom Rodriguez

Everyone’s favorite “beh”. Tom Rodriguez still gets occasionally called “beh” more than a year after taking on the heart-breaking role of Vincent in the gargantuan hit TV series “My Husband’s Lover”. For a guy who originally planned to be a graphics artist, his career started with him getting into Pinoy Big Brother. And he has gotten a long way from his first soap “Be Careful With My Heart”. From musical theater stints in Atlantis Productions’ “Aladdin” and “Addams Family”. He has crossed over to TV and film very easily. Just like the other half of the TomDen loveteam, Tom Rodriguez also has an upcoming soap, the 2015 remake of the Mexican hit telenovela “MariMar”. He is the new Sergio Santibanez. Another role that would keep his place secured in lists like our top 10 Philippine hot men.

Top 10 Philippine Hot Men
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Top 10 Philippine Hot Men 2. Dingdong Dantes

Actor. Producer. Philanthropist. Born Jose Sixto Dantes III, Dingdong Dantes’ staying power in lists like our top 10 Philippine hot men was one of the toughest feats to achieve. From being the conflicted teen Inaki of TGIS to the duped husband in the original version of “Sana Ay Ikaw Na Nga” to playing Sergio in the 2007 remake of the Mexican hit telenovela “MariMar”. And he doesn’t need a carpeted chest to bag that role. He’s that hot. And it’s the role that started the legendary DongYan power couple we all now admire and emulate. The other half being the original Pinay Marimar herself, Marian Rivera. And he’s still on primetime, playing the titular role of conflicted but well-meaning Catholic cleric in “PariKoy”.

Top 10 Philippine Hot Men
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Top 10 Philippine Hot Men 1. Alden Richards

Stop wondering why Eat Bulaga’s Yaya DUB went for the jugular and declared her love for Alden Richards. With a face like that, you would be too happy to cut to the chase. Everyone’s favorite “BAE”, he really turned out to be Yaya DUB’s “Before Anything Else” (BAE). Who would have thought his comeback to soap opera would be through a KalyeSerye in the longest noontime variety show in the world, Eat Bulaga? He really knew how to play it up to the camera and “storm” his way to Yaya DUB’s wedding to get his bride. Yaya DUB! You lucky girl you! He is at the top of our list of top 10 Philippine hot men! Now the nation is looking forward to what this KalyeSerye have in store now that a monkey wrench got thrown in out of nowhere. That didn’t stop Alden Richards from declaring his love for Yaya DUB.

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