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ALDUB Better Half: Only ALDUB Better Half?

[ALDUB Better Half Featured Image CTTO @OFCALDUBStaker.] The ALDUB Better Half episode opened with Donya Tinidora tending to their barbecue stand. Like YayaDUB at the ALDUB Pagbangon episode, she had trouble selling the sticks of barbecue. “Anong oras na? Wala pang bibili.” (What time is it? Looks like nobody bought any yet.) She then ate one of the newly-cooked skewered meat. But unlike YayaDUB, Donya Tinidora sold them for only Php2 per stick. She didn’t have trouble selling them. But she had trouble finding customers who knew how to pay. She chased one non-paying customer away before he gets another stick.

ALDUB Better Half

Donya Tidora is then shown on the other end of the stall. She found her mani-pedi skills profitable. While Donya Tinidora had cute pigtails. Donya Tidora had a little ribbon and some hair rollers. Perhaps undecided as to how to keep up with her appearance now that they had to do whatever will get them money. It’s almost like a hand-to-mouth existence as of the ALDUB Better Half episode.

Donya Tinidora is cranky again. “Ang hirap. Php90.50 pa lang ang kinikita ko rito.” (It’s hard. All I earned so far is just 90 pesos and 50 centavos.) Donya Tidora then reached to her earnings for the day for comparison. “Ako nga, Php95 pa lang eh.” (All I have is 90 pesos.) “Pambihira! 95? Nagpapa-pedicure ka? Nagme-makeup ka? Nagkukulot ka? Puro kalyo na yang kamay mo? Yan pa lang ang kinikita mo?” (Damn! 95? You do pedicure? Makeup? Curling hair? Your hands have blistered? And that’s all you earned?)

Donya Tidora is at her diplomatic self albeit tired. “Eh may dalawang hindi nagbayad. Yung isa nagmamadali. Kaya kalahati lang. Hindi ko na naayos. Kasi itong sa akin – Kagandahan 3in1. Meron nang kulot. Me mani at saka pedi. Murang-mura. Php30 na nga lang.” (Well 2 of them were unpaid. One was in a hurry. So she paid only half. I didn’t get to fix it anymore. My package is called Kagandahan 3in1. Curling hair. Manicure and pedicure.) For Boss Joey, it almost looked like some class picture [with one woman’s foot on Donya Tidora’s lap] at the ALDUB Better Half episode.

ALDUB Better Half
Source: Eat Bulaga Facebook Page

Donya Tinidora showed the ALDUB Better Half episode as a cautionary tale for the viewers. “Kaya nga sinasabi namin sa inyo. Ingatan ninyo mga pera ninyo.” (That’s why we’re telling you. Take care of your finances.) Since their resident “dabarkads” Sam YG is at the KalyeSerye commentary panel now, he emphasized a financial option he is very familiar with. “Ang taong gipit, sa Bumbay kumakapit.” (A man in need runs to the nearest Indian moneylender.) Immigrants from India earn in the Philippines on the side by lending money at shark rates. A fact that Donya Tinidora addressed. “Ay naku! Mas malaki ang tubo sa Bumbay.” (Oh no! Interest rates with the Indian are too damn high.)

Shortly, Lola Nidora arrives on piggyback. No SUV horn to announce her arrival in consistency to their sudden fall from grace. Too tired to walk, one of the Rogelio Rogelio Rogelio carried her on his back at the ALDUB Better Half episode. Following them closely is Divina a.k.a. YayaDUB. She DUBsmashed Wham’s “Last Christmas”. She herself looked disheveled and unkempt compared to her grand-aunts.

Lola Nidora then told the Rogelio to put her down. The Rogelio that carried her is now too poor to wear the usual blue barong. But he wore a sando. Turns out that Lola Nidora has her own effort at earning money too. “Nagtitinda kami ng sampaguita.” (We were selling sampaguita garlands.) The Chanel bag is still with her at the ALDUB Better Half episode. But among her personal belongings, it now contained the garlands that she sold on the street.

ALDUB Better Half
Source: Eat Bulaga Facebook Page

At the ALDUB Better Half episode, the Zobeyala sisters a.k.a. The Kalye’s Angels are still coming to terms to their newfound poverty. But Lola Nidora thought that the CCC invitation she got from a Christmas event organizer might be their eventual ticket out of poverty. Now the House of De Explorer may have fallen figuratively. But Lola Nidora still has enough connections to help her make their next endeavor work.

CCC stands for the Christmas Caroling Competition. Prizes include cash and house-and-lot. Perfect for homeless people like them in need of a roof above their heads. [On why the Eat Bulaga Dabarkads hasn’t suggested taking them in for the meantime would put a crimp on the plot. Remember what the crew is originally intended for. And that is for the Sugod Bahay errand.] Lola Nidora found a choreographer that would be helpful in getting their win clinched. A choreographer she calls a friend at the ALDUB Better Half episode. GMA Network’s resident choreographer Ms. Geleen Eugenio.

Ms. Geleen’s introduction served as a reminder of some of the dance moves that she popularized way back in the 80’s. While it was Ms. Maricel Soriano who rose to fame dancing “Rico Mambo”, her dance routine was choreographed by Ms. Geleen. One of the dance moves she contributed to the Starstruck franchise was also acknowledged. Soul Control’s “Chocolate”. Of course she also helped choreograph some OPM hits like Marian Rivera’s “Sabay Sabay Tayo” (Let’s Dance Together). It helped Lola Nidora present the credentials of Ms. Geleen to viewers not familiar with her watching the ALDUB Better Half episode.

ALDUB Better Half
Source: @MaineAlden16

The obvious joke had to be revisited at the ALDUB Better Half episode. Donya Tinidora later reappeared wearing a baseball cap and some hip hop clothes instead of the homey duster and hair rollers that are seen on Donya Tidora and Lola Nidora. It then highlighted how she looked so much like Ms. Geleen. Donya Tinidora’s reaction was, as always, sarcastic. “Bakit kayo nagdala ng salamin dito?” (Why did you bring a full-length mirror here?) It resulted in an impromptu dance showdown with their alleged long lost sister. [Not many viewers of the ALDUB Better Half episode knew that Jose Manalo is a skilled dancer. No wonder his alter-ego served as the character closest to his personality dance-wise.]

Donya Tinidora is already familiar with Ms. Geleen’s “greatest hits”. “Marami pang ibang pinasikat yan ano? Pero sigurado hindi niya kaya ito.” (She has popularized [lots of dance hits] right? But for sure, she can’t dance this.) Donya Tinidora’s signature hits hit the floor. Lou Bega’s “Mambo No. 5” and JLo’s “Let’s Get Loud”. 2 of the hits that automatically snaps Donya Tinidora into dancing in any KalyeSerye episode that she’s been into. No ladders though at the ALDUB Better Half episode. Donya Tidora later had to stop Donya Tinidora. “Tama na, Tinidora. Wala kang panama diyan.” (Enough, Tinidora. You don’t have anything to outperform her with.)

Donya Tidora went straight to business in asking Ms. Geleen. “Ano nga pala ang music natin?” (What would our music be?) Ms. Geleen thought of something energetic. “Dapat trendy at fresh.” This was in contrast to Donya Tinidora’s opinion of her new look. “Mukha akong tomboy na gurang.” (I looked like some aged butch lesbian.) And so they went straight to practicing their moves at the ALDUB Better Half episode.

ALDUB Better Half
Source: @maiden16_PLWN

Warm up was okay. Only Lola Nidora had trouble catching up to the steps. Donya Tidora is in her lady-like self. And Donya Tinidora? Well, she’s being herself. Ms. Geleen then had to put YayaDUB in front of the group. It’s conventional dance routine of having the most energetic member in front. But Ms. Geleen had to check first what can she do. And she asked YayaDUB to dance to check if any adjustment as early as the ALDUB Better Half episode. “Subukan mo, Meng, anak.” (Try dancing on your own, dear.)

YayaDUB then danced part of the lessons that Ms. Geleen shared and part of what she had been dancing way back in the pre-ALDUB days. She was bursting with energy. There was so much energy at the ALDUB Better Half episode. Donya Tidora had to remind her to curb the enthusiasm. Donya Tinidora is still perplexed at how similar she looked compared to Ms. Geleen. “Kamukha ko talaga.” (I really looked like her.) It seemed as if Donya Tinidora’s change of outfit just confirmed everyone’s observation.

Lessons include tactics on how to project onstage. Donya Tidora liked the lessons. She’s just concerned if they can even win with the lack of enthusiasm on Lola Nidora’s part. “Galing ha? Feeling ko pagdating ng contest, talo tayo. Ayaw sumayaw ni ate.” (Looks great. I can feel that once it’s contest time, we’d lose. Elder sister won’t dance.) Lola Nidora attributed her lack of energy to her health issues. “Hiningal lang ako.” (I just ran out of breath.) But once Dawin’s Dessert plays, Lola Nidora’s energy is restored at the ALDUB Better Half episode.

ALDUB Better Half
Source: @AkoSiDraDora

Later, Lola Nidora gave some specifications on their costume for their upcoming performance at the CCC. “Ang gusto kong costume, yung outrageous. Ayoko ng simple! Ayoko ng may mga totoong may hayop.” (I’d like our costume to be outrageous. I don’t want it simple! I don’t want live animals either!) The grannies may have never joined any of Eat Bulaga’s “Pa More” series. But she clearly wanted to win this competition as early as the ALDUB Better Half episode.

Alden wasn’t around at the ALDUB Better Half episode. But he would call through YayaDUB’s phone to ask them if they ever need anything. For the ALDUB Better Half episode, all they need is water per YayaDUB’s instruction. “Magdala ka ng tubig kasi practice nang practice dito.” (Bring over some water since we keep practicing here.) The sessions have yet to be intense. It was then revealed that it’s an unpaid gig for Ms. Geleen as a choreographer. A stint some showbiz insiders call as “X-deal”.

Consultancy is included for Ms. Geleen. “Dapat yung may ilaw ilaw. Para Christmassy.” (There should be some lights. For a Christmassy feel.) There was some pressure on YayaDUB after learning that the contest would be on a Thursday. That would be the ALDUB 23rd Weeksary episode. Ms. Geleen got the basics handled though. “Kumare, may blockings tayo ha? Baba muna yang pamaypay nyo. Sino priority natin?” (Friend, we have blockings okay? Put down your fans for the meantime. Who’s our priority?) The grannies then placed YayaDUB in front. Ms. Geleen positioned YayaDUB in the middle.

ALDUB Better Half
Source: @MaineAlden16

The KalyeSerye commentary panel enjoyed watching them at the ALDUB Better Half episode. That is until Donya Tinidora chided Allan K. “Kinakalaban mo ba kami?” (Are you challenging us?) Allan K said no. Donya Tinidora then dared Allan K to prove it. “Ipakita mo. Hindi kayo puede sa grupo namin.” (Show it. You can’t be in our group.) Ms. Geleen has taught the means and the hinge so far in her dance routine. So Allan K tried to dance based on what the panel saw on their monitor.

Donya Tidora somewhat joked Allan K. “Balita ko, emotional dancer yan.” (Rumor has it that he’s an emotional dancer.) Allan K tried remembering the means and the hinge though. Donya Tinidora knew of a different rumor. “Ibang means naman ang gusto mo. May sapatos ang means mo.” (You like a different “means”. Your “means” have shoes.) The track “Shake Body Body Dancer” played for Allan K to accept Donya Tinidora’s challenge at the ALDUB Better Half episode. Donya Tidora liked Allan K’s impromptu performance. “Ang galing ni Roderick.” (Roderick’s dance is great.) [Roderick Paulate was another TV host-actor who looked so much like Allan K.]

Sam YG was then dared to dance at the ALDUB Better Half episode too. He then danced Patricia’s track at the ATM With The Baes’ segment at Eat Bulaga. When it was Boss Joey’s turn to dance, he was already close to the dining room backstage. Allan K then commented on the short dance that Boss Joey performed. “Ngayon lang ako nakakita ng sayaw na may walling.” (I never saw a dance skit with walling moves.)

ALDUB Better Half
Source: @officialaldub16

YayaDUB can dance. But she’s disturbed that Alden hasn’t arrived yet. It turns out that she sent Alden out on an errand. YayaDUB didn’t expect Alden to take more time than needed. “Alden, nasan ka na? Lola, kanina pa kasi yun. Pano kung may nangyaring masama kay Alden? ALDEN!!!!!!” (Alden, where are you? Granny, he’d been out since awhile ago. What if something bad might have happened to Alden?) She was inconsolable. The ALDUB Better Half episode ended without Alden.

And to further push the obvious, Ms. Geleen beat Donya Tinidora to reading the Gasgas spiel. What other ingenuities can be seen here at the phenomenal KalyeSerye? Tune in to Eat Bulaga. Monday to Saturday at noontime. Like Eat Bulaga’s official Facebook page to catch the ALDUB Better Half episode replay.

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