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Philippines Manila journey, girl, Philippines traveler island chain nation second just to Indonesia, charming women and night life in Manila, lovely female and go-go bars, discos, karaoke, KTV! Night club, Asia. The 2day → Tagaytay → Intramuros → go-go bar, Burgos Street → disco, to ZZYZX.

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20 thoughts on “Philippines travel,many girls,Nightlife in Manila,KTV,Intramuros,2day

  1. Next time when you to vacation in the Philippines again sir you could contact a travel agency office called wow Philippines agency. They have vehicles with private drivers. Their office is in the Makati area plus Makati city is very safe for the tourist There are arm security walking around in the Makati city also in front of the hotels.

  2. Thank you for sharing. It is a very imformayive video. I just want to know how did you keep your camera so dry when the rain was pouring?

  3. are you alone traveling ? you are so brave!! do you like those travel guide?how do you compare your country with the Philippine?
    nice and enjoyable video. thank you….

  4. 社長は世界をみてリゾートでも作りますか? それともNPOでも作りますか?

  5. Seems like you really enjoyed your trip! Do you perhaps have any social media? Facebook or Instagram? I really enjoyed your videos, hope I can visit Philippines :)

  6. Domo Arigato- a very senseful insight of learning a different life & culture. You have shown the poverty and yet seen the strength of the Filipinos thriving. Your video is deep and teach a valuable lesson…kudos✌

  7. it's a really nice video, it was as if I was also there in the video going here and there. i really enjoyed the video so much. I am a filipino but doesn't know much about the Philippines even the manila.
    ほんとにいいビデオでした、 まるで 私わビデオのなかでした。私わピリピン人ですがでも私の国マニラとかあまりしりませんでした。
    あ、私日本語わまだべんきょうしてます。つまり、日本語マジへたすぎる。すみません( ´ ▽ ` )

  8. I traveled through manila, stayed for a night, and then moved on to Bohol.
    Manila & Bohol was like night and day, i prefered the latter of the two.

  9. よく行きましたね、すーげぞーしか言えない(^_^;)でもあんまり人を信用しないほうがいいですょ(´・ω・`)

  10. Japanese should to learn themselves from Filipinos how be familiar. Be reach and clean it isn't enough…

  11. "Who will look after middle aged men?", they are middle aged, have they learn't nothing in their life?

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