Philippine Marine Force Recon | One Deadly Special Elite Force | Military Documentary Channel

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Philippine Marine Force Reconnaissance|One of the World’s Deadliest Special Elite Forces|Military Documentary Channel.

PHILIPPINE AQUATIC REQUIRE RECONNAISSANCE: The Philippine Marine Corps Force Reconnaissance Battalion (Marine Corps Reconnaissance) is the Philippine Marine Corps’ elite ground forces system for non-traditional warfare and unique operations. It specialises in sea, air and land operations, like its equivalent in the Naval Unique Warfare Group of the Philippine Navy, ranging from reconnaissance, close battle, demolition, intelligence and underwater operations in support to the total marine operations. [1]
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20 thoughts on “Philippine Marine Force Recon | One Deadly Special Elite Force | Military Documentary Channel

  1. Too bad they're under equipped. The government needs to get their shit together and focus and bring our soldiers some good reliable gear. Not hand me downs from other countries. But I guess those are better than nothing.

  2. what if philippine s dont copy the u.s.special forces.marsog in the philippine and marsoc in the united states.navsog in philippine seal and navsoc in u.s.

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  5. both the philippine marines and the army scout rangers are now trained with the pekiti tirsia kali martial arts in order for them to defend themselves in the close quarter combats with the enemy especially the abu sayyaf bandits… the particular machete that they've used were the ginunting and the talibong… the muslim rebels on the other hand also employed their best machetes like the barong, kris and kampilan swords…

  6. I still remember my brother…now I understand how he got his gold wings badge….short but colorful career… he is really a silent but deadly warrior…Go Force Recon!

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