Philippine Army Successful Acquisition

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From 28 M113A2 Armoured Worker Carrier (APCs) to M4 Attack Rifle to US Made RPG 7 and to Totally automated 155mm howitzer here’s the list of Philippine Army successful agreement

Some video of Military of the Philippines training workouts are not release in this Channel. To keep upgraded and see all video do not hesitate to visit this site @

With the brand-new territorial difficulties facing the Philippines and its military forces are obsoleted and filled with inadequacies, ABS-CBN Philippine news release reports that the Philippine Air Force (PAF) has strategies to get the F-16 competitor obstructs 52 and TA-50 training airplane from South Korea.
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40 thoughts on “Philippine Army Successful Acquisition

  1. kelangan natin ng sams o kahit javeline o stinger pede na rin tapos yung m16 palitan ng m4 masyado mahaba ang hirap igapang o imanuever

  2. sa wakas magkakaroon na rin tyo ng 155mm howitzer malaking bagay na yan sa sandatahang lakas go afp i salute you

  3. Puro paasa wag maniwala sa video wla naman insignia ng gobyerno ung video kahit s balita wala puro pangarap lng to!

  4. Shoulda gotten a Carl Gustav than a RPG-7…Philippines is a long way from being on par with it's neighbors.

  5. Malaki nman ang pondo ng gobyerno sana kumalap sila ng idea kung paano magkaroon ng sariling pagawaan mas makakatipid na magkakatrabaho pa ang maraming pilipino at magagawa pa kahit ilang barko,eroplano o baril ang naisin,kailangan lang ng idea kaalaman sa tagalog,kumalap ng kaalaman sa ibang bansa.di bili ng bili mga buwitre binubulsa pa ang iba sa pinangbibili.sana mag isip ang gobyerno.

  6. when your neighbor has MBT such as LEOPARD A6,PT-91M,OPLOT T80…you guys so proud when you have only APC,IFV or light tank….hahaha wake up guys…

  7. I suggest to purchase missiles that can reach mainland china not just defensive ones. If only I finished my course in rocketry I will build rockets that can reach anyplace in Asia.


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  9. pinoys can't operate these jets. To keep these birds operational you need huge amount of resources which pinoys don't currently have

  10. Saab Gripen ang new multi role fighterjet yan ang bago compare sa F16 old version military hardware.

  11. Kung hindi pina alis ang US base sa pilipinas siguro ang china hindi gagawa ng hakbang na ganyan. kaya nakita ng mga intsik na wala na ang US base kaya tayo bino-bully ng china dahil wala tayong capacity ng ipag tanggol ang bansa natin. yong problema nga sa mindanao hindi mabigyan ng kalutasan paano pa kaya kung lusubin tayo ng china. sabagay maraming bansa ang sasagip sa pilipinas kaya lang ang mangyari ang pilipinas ay magiging battle ground.

  12. Matagal ng jetfighter ang F16
    nagpag lumaan na
    compare sa FA-50
    Bago at advance ang military hardware .

  13. Meron nang Jetfighter ang pilipinas T- 50 na gawa sa South korea day and night at kayang makipag sabayan sa mga bagong jet fighter around world advance ang military Hardware ng T – 50 at Dagdag nlang sa multi jet combat ng sandatahang lakas ng pilipinas marami pang idadag ang Armforces .

  14. Pilipinas huli sa lahat ng bagay, bali wala tayo sa US sino at ano ba ang pinoy kundi squatter pobre walang silbi kaya lahat ng binibigay sa atin kundi puro basura

  15. China is doomed heading to a catastrophic disaster. With a population that is subtle to handle, a dense economy, a shrinking relation with the west, placing in jail great number of people cordoned with a communist belief, having an angst relation with its neighbors almost escalated to hatred. It would take one nuc only and it would come not from america but somewhere unexpected. There would be no repetition of Tibet, and China's days are numbered.

  16. biazon statement i contrary to the fact that china have bomber and jet which can unload bombs and hell to the ground troops like cluster bombs and incidiary bombs if we have the air the airdefence we can protect the troops and it should be every 20 platoons should have the handheld manfads for the helos and the manfad for the heavy choppers and long the 15 to 19 miles shoulder fired missiles if they breach the air defence missiles, coz they eassily firethier nissiles to a target of up to 100 miles if the miss we a a chance to intercept it with missiles east to west they will attact and south to west they will send landind forces, we need ore aircraft to defend this land and ships frigates distroyers anti submarines and a lot of anti aircraft guns and missiles, and if the we acquire at least 5 submarines, with long and medium range so much the better coz they cannot send their wholes army and navy at once that is why they are trying to build the artificial islands they wll stock up what they need to overrun a certain target. china yur not going to succeed yur going to sturb to death and yur country will suffer more the nazi and the japanes sufferd.

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