US airplane provider, papunta na sa West Philippine Sea

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Pupunta na sa Japan ang isa sa pinakamakapangyarihang attack aircraft carrier ng Estados Unidos para tumulong sa pagbabantay sa South China Sea at sa West Philippine Sea.

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Philippine Scout Rangers|World's Deadliest Special Elite Forces|Military Documentary Channel

Philippine Scout Rangers|World’s Deadliest Special Elite Forces|Military Documentary Channel.

PHILIPPINE SCOUT RANGERS: The Scout Rangers, known officially as the First Scout Ranger Regiment, is a Philippine Army Unique Operations Command device, and specializes in anti-guerrilla warfare. The program has actually been boasted as one of the world’s finest anti-guerrilla competitors. [1]
The Scout Ranger Routine was born upon November 25, 1950 under the command of previous AFP Vice Chief of Personnel and Defense Secretary Rafael M. Ileto. [2] Called after both the Alamo Scouts and the US Army Rangers, the device was created due to a growing have to counter the Hukbalahap Guerrillas and its rebellion with a force trained in small system actions. [2] Scout Rangers took part in the December 1989 coup attempt against the Corazon Aquino – Aquino Administration. [3] Led by Captain Danilo Lim, Major Abraham Purugganan and Lieutenant Colonel Rafael Galvez, some 2500 rangers took over Makati in the most devastating coup effort versus the Aquino Administration, [3] [4] which left numerous civilians and soldiers dead, and hundreds more injured.

Scout Rangers played a significant function in recording the MILF rebel camp during the all out war against the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF).

With the increase of guerrilla and terrorist activities in the Philippines, the Scout Rangers have teamed up with the Light Response Battalion to take on more duty in internal security responsibilities. [5]
Their headquarters, where the scout ranger school is likewise situated remains in Camp Tecson in San Miguel, Bulacan. The land was donated by 1902 – 1906 Guv of Bulacan Province – Pablo Tecson (Pablo Ocampo Tecson) of San Miguel, Bulacan.

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40 thoughts on “US airplane provider, papunta na sa West Philippine Sea

  1. c Gloria at divenesia ang may kasalanan kung bket nka pag patayo ng instraktora sa south China sea nki pag kasundo sila kung hhayaan nila ang China na mka pasok sa mga isla nten pauutangin nila tau TANG INA NILANG 2

  2. those americans are not our side they are on the side of the chinks. Those American red necks are just waiting for china to finish construction of there military bases on those man made islands so china can move in a bomb the phillippines so they can take over our country!! Those americans are not known to kill chinks they are known to kill filipinos!!

  3. di makuntento ang china sa bansa nila,,kapal ng mukha pati isla natin inaangkin wala tyog magawa dahil wala tyong malalakas na warship buti na lang andyn ang us

  4. go USA these chinese doesn't like peace in asia please do something about it the rest of asian countries will back you up, get rid of these chinks skunk, they can't understand the law, they grab land, they kill the soldiers in vietnam what else please please please do something now before they grab more land in asia

  5. Philippines can't afford large military budget like China thus it should spend it's military budgets in defensive arms like land launched anti-ship missiles and base them on the bordering island to keep Chinese warships far away from disputed area. Also should be buying SAM surface to air missiles to keep Chinese fighters away from disputed area. It should also seek 2nd hand warships from South Korea, Japan and the US.

    Current strategy that the US will come into aid if there are shooting wars with China is big mistake and we all know what happen to South Vietnamese government when they had same idea. Filipino should understand that main strategy how to handle China regarding sea dispute should come from Philippines government and not by foreign government because nobody cares more than Filipino.

    South Korea is well aware of what happen in South Vietnam in 1975 thus it grew domestic arms industries to less dependent on the US arms. It took us 40 years to get here and Philippines should have same basic plans to defend itself in the future conflict. Hopefully it never happens but best defense is to prepare itself for the worst outcome.

    For now, Chinese just want to take over remote islands but later they might claim whole Philippines just like Tibet thus Philippines government should have long-term plan to defend itself.

  6. These aircraft carriers, specifically the Nimitz Class, will be replaced with the Gerald Ford Class aircraft carriers

  7. The fact is this is just an illusion that the US is trying to create. The fact will remain that China dominate the S. China sea. US is doing this so you can't say they aren't doing anything. To keep the lie alive so Filipinos will support the US politically and then spend money to buy useless weapons.
    F-18s , even in desert storm were not meant to open up any doors. You need the F-15s.
    The only two countries that will not sent representatives to China in a few days for the victory parade are Japan and the Philippines. This shows how much they are controlled.
    They will be isolated politically. The US themselves are sending representatives while they tell you not to. In contrast, the S.Koreans will still send its leader to attend the ceremony. That shows they at least have some say in what they do. I hope Filipinos wake up for I am for Asians. I would cheer for Filipinos anyday if it is against the west.

  8. Attention american fucks, not u good americans, begone, ur just wasting ur time typing when the war is almost over, like, i dont really see in news that theirs chinese, only traffic and stuff. so yeah

  9. Chi ng we servant n u big thief no good Chinese liers also stupid pinoy teach u English u massage n wash clothes whole world never trust Chinese

  10. Lucy xiu. When USA smoke your country u will have nothing to piss on bitch come massage my ass fucking whore

  11. the US patrol the east sea???what for? get very useless, because China has already built the military base there. what a shame !

  12. @45:33
    "here in Scout Ranger School their not just training soldiers to be rangers but RANGERS TO BE HEROES "

    -Inspiring Quote by Recruit 03

    Salute to all SOLDIERS!! Hoorah!

  13. hay naquh umeksena nnaman ang mga bobong pinoy n to deadly kamo aun praktisan n terrorista jan sa bansa nyu paano sandamamak n bobo naturingan graduate ng PMA kamo papatayin lang n kalaban nyu.

  14. The deadlyist in the world .ugh no no no the seals and sas have took that spot and are keeping and 6 months of training is the same amout a normal marine goes throgh.

  15. What kind of Filipino name is YOGYOG (2:05). Why do the instructor call the candidate "Ranger". They have not graduated the course yet!

  16. I am really impressed with the grueling training these men had to endure and I'm happy to say they are an asset to any combat group anywhere in the world. Good going!!!! I was sorry for the lone recruit who gave his life for his country.

  17. if it wasn't for today, I won't know that their training was this difficult.
    now, I'm even more proud to have been loving one. ?☺?
    proud to love a Scout Ranger.

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