UST Food Guide: 5 Must-Visit Food Joints in UST

UST Food Guide: 5 Must-Visit Food Joints in UST

Limited the UST Food Guide to just 5 can be tough. There are several excellent places to eat just within walking distance by the compound surrounding the University of Santo Tomas. The main challenge then comes in the moment you try to see which food joints have been around longer than expected. Then again you realize why some of the spots mentioned here made the cut because they kept the UST campus community satiated.

Cow-Wow Sausage Haus (P. Noval St.)

So how would you like your sausage? Big or small? In this UST Food Guide, the terms that usually apply to Cow-Wow Sausage Haus would be “Hungarian” or “Schublig”. Pretty European. Then again, meat really tastes great when eaten with rice for breakfast. Or any other time of the day that you felt like craving for sausage. For folks trying to cut down on rice, you can opt for eating Cow-Wow’s sausages with a bun, a cup of mashed potatoes or some pasta. Highly recommended for folks that wanted their sausage-themed meals to go big.

Sisig Express (Dapitan St.)

Going a few blocks around the compound, the UST Food Guide would eventually include the Sisig Express. Like there are several eateries around the area offering several viands to go with your cup(s) of rice. But sometimes, all you need is sisig. While other eateries would limit their servings of sisig to chopped pork. Sisig Express chose to offer chicken and bangus versions of this accidental culinary hit. And Sisig Express is one of the food joints that got the alchemy right. Not very far from UST especially when that craving for sisig kicks in.

iChill Theater Cafe Open Mic
iChill Theater Cafe (Dos Castillas St.)

Ah, themed cafes. The kind of areas in the UST Food Guide that you find when it’s not enough to have a cup of coffee. With a menu that would trigger theater nerds into remembering pop culture references in relation to their passion. iChill Theater Cafe ups the ante the moment you choose to chill (pun intended) at the 2nd floor. You’d see musical theater posters that are of collectors’ item level. It helps when an entrepreneur could pour his/her passion into the business. And the customers share the enthusiasm. That enthusiasm is boosted best with a tall tumbler of ice-blended drink and a plate of pasta. Ramen is served for folks that needed a respite from the chilly/rainy weather lately.

S.R. Thai Cuisine (V. Concepcion St.)

Getting around the UST Food Guide. The common misconception about Thai food is that it’s not that different from Filipino food. Then you get served a hearty plate of Pad Thai. Or laksa. Or some other chicken dish served with their trademark S.R. Seafood Fried Rice. You then realize the difference in formulation. Not really alienating taste-wise especially when you like your food spicy yet still authentically Asian. Servings are pretty generous too.

Mang Tootz Food House

In terms of longevity, Mang Tootz Food House is legen (wait for it) dary. Some foodies that have earned their degrees in UST would come back to this staple in any UST Food Guide known online. And that is just to get their fix of Banana-rhuma. Like imagine your humble turon getting the Mang Tootz culinary treatment. Add cinnamon and milk powder. Then sprinkle with sesame seeds to finish it off. Best eaten with a full meal composed of rice with inihaw na liempo or chicken kebab.

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Restaurants in Manila Around UST

Restaurants in Manila

Restaurants in Manila gets you thinking of certain areas that you can enjoy with friends. Surely the holidays are here. But some schools around the U-belt area still conduct classes. Also, University of Santo Tomas was one of the educational institutions in Metro Manila that started late in terms of their academic year. With this in mind, scanning the restaurants in Manila around UST would be a welcome journey for Thomasians and students from other institutions.

restaurants in Manila
Source: The Pit Restobar Facebook Page

Restaurants in Manila
The Pit

Some restaurants in Manila would pick a catchy name and push through with the great meals. Such is the case here with The Pit. A place to enjoy food while watching the latest music videos featuring catchy hits. As a restaurant, it designated a spot where drinks and bar chow can be enjoyed. It’s at the second floor. Hearty rice meals are served as well to go with your choice of beer. Among their often requested dishes are the kaldereta and the T-Bone steak. Priced at P95 and P145 respectively.

restaurants in Manila
Source: Cow Wow Sausage Haus Facebook Page

Restaurants in Manila
Cow Wow Sausage Haus

Sausage suckers unite! There is a food joint in Manila that has catered to a niche nobody realized existed. Welcome to Cow Wow Sausage Haus. The place to go for your sausage cravings. Foodies with a big appetite to satisfy frequent one of the specifically unique restaurants in Manila for their meaty fix. Servings as low-priced as P55 per order are found here. You even get to pick if you’d like your sausage to be served in a bun or with rice. Don’t hesitate on ordering extra rice too.

restaurants in Manila
Source: Tumblr

Restaurants in Manila
Pasta Plate

Rejoice, proud carb loaders! You have a choice among the restaurants in Manila listed here when it comes to pasta. It’s Pasta Plate, a humble food joint this side of Dapitan for pasta enthusiasts around the U-belt area. Noted best-seller is the Cheezy Chicken Pesto. Perfect to go with chocolate churros on the side. Who could have thought a sweet respite from the rice meals could be so fulfilling? But if you really can’t help but  stick to your rice cravings, the Cordon Bleu would be the ideal dish to enjoy at Pasta Plate.

restaurants in Manila
Source: The Eatles Facebook Page

Restaurants in Manila
The Eatles

Some television viewers may be familiar with “The Eatles” as one of the shirts worn by Mr. Joey de Leon on the noontime variety show Eat Bulaga. Surprise! It’s actually a restaurant found on P. Noval Street just a stone throw’s away from UST. A Beatles’ themed restaurant meant a place for you to enjoy gawking at Beatles memorabilia to go with your Eatles Burger. Packed with meat and cheese, it’s a value-rich treat that comes at only P175 per serving. Desserts like the Blueberry Cheesecake immediately give you an excuse to stay longer in one of the easily remembered establishments among listed restaurants in Manila.

Restaurants in Manila
Source: iChill Facebook Page

Restaurants in Manila
iChill Theater Cafe

And speaking of themed restaurants in Manila, our journey takes us to iChill Theater Cafe. At first it may seem like  your typical cafe for study hours among college students. That is until you look around and see musical theater memorabilia on the walls. Most of the musical theater posters are found at the second floor. Both the first floor and the second floor occasionally host art galleries. An ideal way to enjoy art while sipping some frappe to go with your pasta dishes.

iChill Theater Cafe is located at Dos Castillas St nearby UST Hospital. Call 521-0056 for directions. Reservations for events are also encouraged. You can also get in touch with them through their social media accounts at Facebook and Twitter.

Found the kind of food joint you’d like among our list of restaurants in Manila? Their respective Facebook pages are linked on the titles for your perusal. Surely, we’d have more of these places for you to go on our next articles and then some. Just don’t forget to like our official Facebook page, The Philippines Web. And follow us on Twitter @pinasamazing. We’d be expecting you.