Affordable Party Venues in Manila: From The Light-Hearted to the Somewhat Big Event

Affordable Party Venues in Manila

Looking for affordable party venues in Manila meant picking a venue based on the number of participants expected, size of the venue and the type of event to be celebrated. Participants that numbered less than 20 is what some organizers would label as “intimate”. Still some of the venues that were researched for this article managed to rake in the patrons whenever special events are to be expected. So for this article, Manila would roughly mean Metro Manila as a whole.

Affordable Party Venues in Manila
Image from Xocolat website

Xocolat: Affordable Party Venues in Manila

Whether it’s for a business meeting or an office party, Xocolat got you covered. Located in 172 B. Gonzales St corner Katipunan Ave, Quezon City, their function room is good for 18 to 20 people. If the name hasn’t given you a hint yet, it started out as a chocolate-themed coffee shop serving flourless chocolate cake slices. With its menu now including pasta and rice meals, it has expanded its customer base beyond the chocoholic market. As for the function room, rent is priced at Php7500 per 3 hours. Ideal for young urban professionals that would like to party in chocolatey style. Reservations are best made by calling them at (02) 929-4186.

Affordable Party Venues in Manila
Image from The Beech FB Page

The Beech: Affordable Party Venues in Manila

Located at 121 Panay Ave, Quezon City, The Beech (yes, that’s how it is spelled) has a function room that serves as karaoke room for groups of 10 people ready to party the night away. As opposed to charging the function room by hour, The Beech chose to have it priced at Php5000 per 3 hours. You only end up worrying about consuming the next 3 hours if you exceeded the first four. Then again, there’s a night worth enjoying in one of the most affordable party venues in Manila. Highly recommended if you would need alcohol to collect enough courage to sing your heart out. So call them up at 09175805116 the soonest time possible to make your reservations.

Affordable Party Venues in Manila
Image from Ella and the Blackbird FB Page

Ella and the Blackbird: Affordable Party Venues in Manila

If there is one party venue that you can rent per hour, it would be Ella and the Blackbird. Located at 88 Esteban Abada St, Loyola Heights, Quezon City, what made it one of the affordable party venues is the all-inclusive aspect to the hourly rental that it provides. For Php2500 per hour, a group of about 20 people can rent the place. Possibly more. The rent is per hour regardless of headcount. To make sure that reservation is taken note of, call them up at (02) 294-1633.
Image from Amo Yamie Crib FB Page

Amo Yamie Crib Coffee and Movie House: Affordable Party Venues in Manila

This is one venue that you can classify under the “intimate events” as intimate as no more than 10 people. This coffee shop is better known for its mini-theater. Hence, the term “movie house” in its name. The main branch is located at Espana Blvd corner P. Noval St, Manila. Their mini-theater can be rented at Php338 per hour excluding food and drinks. The food and drinks are to be ordered separately. Hot drinks go as low as Php65 per cup while the cold drinks go as low as Php109 per serving. One of the affordable party venues in Manila worth recommending if your event consisted of a small group of family and friends and if your only planned activity so far is watching a movie. The best way to get in touch with them is by liking their Facebook page. They are responsive to messages.

Affordable Party Venues in Manila
Image from iChill Theater Cafe FB Page

iChill Theater Cafe: Affordable Party Venues in Manila

A venue where you may stage your event or have a private film showing is where iChill Theater Cafe is at. Located at Dos Castillas St, Sampaloc, Manila, iChill has become one of the affordable party venues in Manila chosen by students and young urban professionals living around the UST compound. Only a block away, karaoke-themed parties have become the most common choice of event staged in this venue. The function room is located at iChill’s second floor area. With a karaoke machine assisted by an overhead projector, it feels like having a concert venue of your own with widescreen technology available at your fingertips. Renting the function room goes for as low as Php1400 per hour all-inclusive of food and drinks regardless of headcount.

iChill Theater Cafe may be contacted at (02) 521-0056. Their latest promos and updates may be viewed by liking their official Facebook page and by following them on Twitter. Getting in touch with them serves as a positive start to finding one of the most affordable party venues in Manila.

Finding the affordable party venues in Manila should not take that much effort as long as you have the right contact information. Let this serve as your guide in finding areas worth spending that party within the budget allotted. Happy to be of help to you. Don’t forget to like our official Facebook page. Follow us on Twitter as well. Thanks for reading.

Family KTV in Manila: Family-Themed Ideas

Family KTV in Manila

Trying to find the ideal family KTV in Manila can be stressful if you don’t have a shortlist of options. With less than a month before Valentine’s Day, some families would rather spend it together. Perhaps the same goes for the dateless singles too. Whatever occasion or excuse you have in mind, keep tab of this list of family KTV in Manila. Knows how far one of these joints could be to you?

Family KTV in Manila
Source: IChill Theater Cafe Facebook Page

Family KTV in Manila
iChill Theater Cafe

Before worrying about not knowing enough musical theater songs. Remember that iChill Theater Cafe caters even to casual fans. Especially folks looking for an ideal family KTV in Manila. It doesn’t matter if your knowledge is limited to “On My Own” or “I Dreamed a Dream”. The KTV room at the second floor is one laid-back hub for you to unleash your inner stage performer. With a wall wide and white enough to complement the projector-assisted KTV machine, no lyrics would be too small for you to see.

Located at Sampaloc, City of Manila. iChill Theater Cafe has 2 karaoke party package options for you. One is the all-consumable option of Php1400 per hour. That option includes food and drinks. If you would rather pay for the food and drinks separately, you can go for the second option. That option is the corkage fee package of only Php700 per hour. Call them up on their landline number, 521-0056, for reservations.

Family KTV in Manila
Source: Song Hits Family KTV Facebook Page

Family KTV in Manila
Song Hits Family KTV

Party rooms can fit as many as 40 people in this family KTV in Manila. Perfect for the karaoke party that you envisioned as packed. Their consumable package for this room is priced at P9,000 with 3 hours free. Rates on weekdays are different from that of weekends as the latter is expected to bring in more people.

A nightlife joint found by Metrowalk in Pasig City. Song Hits Family KTV’s non-consumable rates between Sunday and Thursday go for P1,299 per hour. And the non-consumable rates for Friday and Saturday are pegged at P1599 per hour. Inquiries may be rung in through their landline number, 632-0477. You can also reach them at their mobile number at 0943-5625216.

Family KTV in Manila
Source: Party Party Family KTV Facebook Page

Family KTV in Manila
Party Party KTV

Family KTV in Manila is best enjoyed in a spacious place with a screen big enough to occupy more than half of the wall. That’s the kind of big time entertainment found here at Party Party Family KTV located in Pasig City. Their largest KTV pods are the VIP Rooms. Each room can fit in as many as 25 people. You can only imagine the number of family members – both intimate and extended – can come over to join your karaoke party. Rates for for P1,500 for a minimum of 2 hours. Inquiries and reservations are best placed by calling them up. Dial 462-8211 to 12 for more details.

Family KTV in Manila
Source: Celebrity Lounge Facebook Page

Family KTV in Manila
Celebrity Lounge

Striking colors everywhere. Or should we say in every KTV pod? Celebrity Lounge is one Family KTV in Manila worth hanging out for their upbeat ambiance. Instead of playing it safe with the interiors, they really went for the striking colors. Located at Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City. The largest rooms can fit in to as many as 60 persons. Now that’s a party. That room goes for P2500 per hour. Room rates per hour are subject to 10% service charge. If you’d rather keep it among yourselves, there is a room that fits about 6 people. Call them up at their landline number 632-7522. Their mobile number is at 0915-440-5398.

Family KTV in Manila
Source: Music Bank Facebook Page

Family KTV in Manila
Music Bank

Options and even more options. Family KTV in Manila is more fun with more options. That includes the option to take it intimately here at Music Bank. You may have the function room if you’d like have that big karaoke party bash that you’ve been planning for quite some time. That’s good for 25 people too. Even expatriates bringing their families along will find KTV rooms for them to choose.

If you’ve been to Eastwood City to go bar-hopping. Music Bank might have been one of those nightspots that caught your fancy. Lot 6 Block 13 E. Rodriguez Ave, Brgy. Bagumbayan, Quezon City to be exact. Interested party goers with plans in mind for family KTV in Manila should get in touch with them at 0905-441-8985. With less than a month before Valentine’s Day, reserving your slots as early as now is highly recommended.

It’s never too early to book reservations for a night out in some family KTV in Manila. Besides, keeping any of these night spots in your database would be helpful. Do you know another family KTV in Manila that we should feature as well? Get in touch with us through our Facebook page, The Philippines Web. And tweet us @pinasamazing on Twitter. Feedback and suggestions are much appreciated.