Spanish Filipino Showbiz Personalities

Spanish Filipino showbiz personalities

[Spanish Filipino Showbiz Personalities Featured Image from Morguefile.] Seeing Spanish Filipino showbiz personalities as early as the 1940’s in Philippine entertainment is no longer uncommon. Surely, most Filipinos are a mixed race. Chinese. Arabian. Malay. Spanish, American and Japanese. A mixed bag even. But this list would list showbiz personalities whose Spanish ancestry are mentioned. Whether it’s their parent or grandparent who’s Spanish. They will be noted and classified in our list of Spanish Filipino showbiz personalities.

Spanish Filipino Showbiz Personalities.
Various Performing Arts.

Spanish Filipino showbiz personalities
Source: Kuya Manzano Fan Page

Kuya Manzano.
Born Luis Antonio Dominguez Manzano. Kuya Manzano is one of the most recognizable Spanish Filipino showbiz personalities in the theater scene. His Spanish ancestry is traced to his Spanish father. Albeit seen in some mainstream movies like Bonifacio: Ang Unang Pangulo and Felix Manalo, he also appeared on television projects like GMA News TV’s Katipunan and ABS-CBN’s On The Wings of Love. He donned significant characters in the Filipino-produced musical, Marco Polo: An Untold Story. His last musical project was San Pedro Calungsod The Musical.

Spanish Filipino showbiz personalities
Source: Carlos Celdran Facebook Page

Carlos Celdran.
Born John Charles Edward Pamintuan Celdran. Carlos Celdran’s Spanish ancestry is traced to his father’s side. He rose to prominence among Spanish Filipino showbiz personalities as a performance artist. His talent was mostly seen in gigs where he is a tour guide or as a cultural activist or as a political satirist. His most-renowned project is Livin’ La Vida Imelda.

Spanish Filipino showbiz personalities
Source: Alodia Gosiengfiao Facebook Page

Alodia Gosiengfiao.
Born Alodia Almira Arraiza Gosiengfiao. Alodia is better known as a model, host, celebrity endorser and cosplayer. She is less known as one of the Spanish Filipino showbiz personalities. And more as one of the top cosplayers today. Her Spanish ancestry is traced to her Spanish Filipina mother. She was one of the top Asian cosplayers featured in print media in Japan and United States, to name a few appearances.

Spanish Filipino Showbiz Personalities:
The Veterans

Spanish Filipino showbiz personalities
Screengrab from YouTube

Delia Razon.
Born Lucy May Gritz. Delia Razon was one of the the Spanish Filipino showbiz personalities that graced the silver screen in the 1950’s. Her Spanish ancestry is traced to her half-Spanish mother. She’s mostly associated with sword-and-sandal epics of her era.

Spanish Filipino showbiz personalities

German Moreno.
Born German Molina Moreno. German Moreno a.k.a. “Kuya Germs” was more known for being a talent manager and variety show host. As one of the Spanish Filipino showbiz personalities listed here. Moreno’s Spanish ancestry is traced to his half-Spanish father.

Spanish Filipino showbiz personalities
Source: Facebook

Pilita Corrales.
Born Pilar Garrido Corrales. Pilita Corrales was dubbed “Asia’s Queen of Songs”. Her Spanish ancestry is traced to her Spanish-born mother. She became one of the prominent Spanish Filipino showbiz personalities not only because of her ancestry. But also due to her Spanish songs performed on the radio.

Spanish Filipino showbiz personalities
Source: Rafa Siguion-Reyna’s Facebook Page

Armida Siguion-Reyna.
Born Armida Ponce Enrile, she was better known by her married name Armida Siguion-Reyna. She was the daughter of Spanish mestizo and brother of current senator Juan Ponce Enrile. As one of the prominent Spanish Filipino showbiz personalities. She was once known as a film producer. During Estrada’s regime, she was the chairwoman of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board. But her trademark TV program will always be “Aawitan Kita”.

Spanish Filipino showbiz personalities
Source: @gracefilan on Twitter

Eddie Gutierrez.
Born Jorge Eduardo Pickett Gutierrez. Eddie Gutierrez became one of the obvious Spanish Filipino showbiz personalities. It was due to his Spanish ancestry traced to his half-Spanish mother. He was one of the classic movie star heartthrobs of his time due to his Spanish mestizo looks. He was last seen at the hit KalyeSerye as the elder version of Lola Nidora’s ex-boyfriend, Anselmo.

Spanish Filipino showbiz personalities
Source: @AngPoetNyo on Twitter

Joey de Leon.
Born Jose Maria Ramos de Leon, Jr. Joey de Leon is one of the founding fathers of the longest-running noontime variety show in the world today, Eat Bulaga. His Spanish ancestry is traced to his Filipino-Spanish father. A rare breed among the Spanish Filipino showbiz personalities. He is one-third of the comedy troika of Tito, Vic and Joey. He is also a songwriter and painter.

Spanish Filipino showbiz personalities
Source: @newsko_com_ph on Twitter

Eddie Garcia.
Born Jesus Garcia Verchez. Eddie Garcia’s Spanish ancestry is traced from the descendants of Spanish Pinaminomons settlers in the Bicol region. He was a prominent Spanish Filipino showbiz personality not only in blood but also in performance. He was once associated with Spanish-speaking roles among his villain roles in his filmography encompassing more than 400 films. His latest project is the primetime series “Ang Probinsiyano”.

Spanish Filipino showbiz personalities
Source: @Aral_Balikan on Twitter

Fernando Poe Jr.
Born Ronald Allan Kelley Poe. Fernando Poe Jr was better known in his other names “FPJ” and “Da King” (bastardized spelling of The King). The King of Action movies’ father, Fernando Poe Sr., was half-Spanish. His grandfather is a Catalan migrant from Majorca, Spain. He was one of the few Spanish Filipino showbiz personalities that cemented their legacy in Philippine entertainment.

Spanish Filipino Showbiz Personalities
Contemporary TV and Film

Edu Manzano.
Born Eduardo Barrios Manzano, Edu Manzano lately is more associated with Philippine politics than with Philippine entertainment. While he was born in the United States, his paternal bloodline included Spanish ancestors. His bio as one of the top Spanish Filipino showbiz personalities is best summarized in this Facebook video.

Spanish Filipino showbiz personalities
Source: @ChikaPilipinas on Twitter

Piolo Pascual.
Born Piolo Jose Nonato Pascual, Piolo Pascual was also known as “PJ” and “Papa P”. As one of the top Spanish Filipino showbiz personalities. His Spanish ancestry is traced to his half-Spanish half-German father. As an actor, he starred in films that ranged from romantic comedy like “Starting Over Again” to “Dekada 70”. As a producer, he was behind the hit Kimmy Dora series. His last high-profile film project was “Hele sa Hiwagang Hapis”. (International release title: A Lullaby to the Sorrowful Mystery.)

Spanish Filipino showbiz personalities
Source: @EurasianLover on Twitter

Kristine Hermosa.
Born Kristine Hermosa Orille. Kristine Hermosa used her half-Spanish mother’s maiden name once she entered Philippine showbiz. While known as one of the top Spanish Filipino showbiz personalities, her most memorable role is that of Yna Macaspac in the original version of “Pangako Sa Yo”. She’s also one of the first mainstream celebrities to gain a following in Southeast Asia.

Spanish Filipino showbiz personalities
Source: @GMANetwork on Twitter

Carla Abellana.
Born Carla Angeline Reyes Abellana. Her Spanish ancestry is traced to another inclusion in our list of Spanish Filipino showbiz personalities. Her grandmother is Delia Razon, one of the Spanish Filipino showbiz personalities included in the Veterans section of this article. She first rose to fame upon bagging the title role for the Philippine remake of the Mexican telenovela, Rosalinda. She currently hosts a weekly drama anthology series, Karelasyon.

Spanish Filipino showbiz personalities
Source: @chinchinsison on Twitter

Ellen Adarna.
Ellen Adarna is one of the Spanish Filipino showbiz personalities who’s name is more often found under “controversial”. From her bra-less fitness ad to her viral photos of kissing another girl. She’s the sultry rebel that the audience can easily fall for. No wonder the last mainstream projects that she was known for are the equally steaming hot TV series Moon of Desire and Pasion de Amor. Hello, raging hormones.

Spanish Filipino showbiz personalities
Source: @MarianRiveraFP on Twitter

Marian Rivera.
Born Marian Rivera Gracia. Marian Rivera earned the monicker “Primetime Queen” for top-billing several primetime TV series prior to her marriage to Dingdong Dantes. Her Spanish ancestry is traced to her Spanish father, a native of Madrid. It made her the most recognizable name in our list of Spanish Filipino showbiz personalities. She is one of the few actresses that played comic book characters Darna and Dyesebel. Her most memorable mainstream project is the historical fiction epic, Amaya. She is set to appear in the upcoming remake of the hit fantasy series, Encantadia, for the role of Ynang Reyna Mine-a.

As the top pick in our list of Spanish Filipino showbiz personalities. Marian Gracia-Dantes is currently one of the main draws of the weekly comedy show, Sunday PinaSaya. And soon, she will host her morning talk show, Yan Ang Morning. It was a play on her nickname, Yanyan.

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Sunday PinaSaya featuring Marian Rivera

Sunday PinaSaya

Adding comedy into a noontime variety show like Sunday PinaSaya is hardly new. Eat Bulaga has been doing that flexible format for 36 years and running. On different channels using an ever-changing range of hosts that can host and get into comic mode as well. But they never did it on a Sunday. So while Sunday PinaSaya may be delving into familiar territory. They get shown on TV on a day that Eat Bulaga is not around. (No ALDUB because ALDUB rests on the seventh day)

Sunday PinaSaya
Source: Sunday PinaSaya Facebook Page

Before Sunday PinaSaya came along, let’s analyze the background of Sunday noontime programming. It turned out to be very challenging for GMA Network. After their own musical variety show Sobrang Okay Pare (SOP) folded, they went the classy route in Party Pilipinas. Infusing technology into the camera shots, putting a theme into every episode and even getting radio DJs like Gino Quillamor and Rico Robles to host the program. In short, an effort to be glossier than its competitor, ABS-CBN’s ASAP. Then Party Pilipinas eventually relented to the SOP format which is basically based on ASAP’s format. Then it went defunct. Several conspiracy theories were born after its cancellation. Something this article would not delve into anymore. Sunday All Stars then replaced Party Pilipinas using a format by the defunct That’s Entertainment. It got cancelled too. Weeks before the rumored cancellation, everyone’s question was “What program will replace the replacement then?”

Enter Sunday PinaSaya. The word “PinaSaya” in Sunday PinaSaya is basically a mash-up of “Pinas” (short for Pilipinas) and “Saya” (happiness). One of the first confirmed hosts was Marian Rivera. Then the rest of the co-hosts were announced. Ai Ai delas Alas, Jose Manalo, Wally Bayola, Alden Richards, Julie Ann San Jose and Joey Paras. It became clear that the new show will be comedy-based. Improv theater will be infused into the musical numbers. It was also revealed that it is not produced by GMA Entertainment. It will be produced by TAPE Inc. The same company behind Eat Bulaga and the defunct show Diz Iz It. So there was an initial rumor that Sunday PinaSaya might be Diz Iz It 2.0; a last ditch effort to face stiff broadcast media competition. Outside the respective fan bases of Marian Rivera, Alden Richards, Julie Ann San Jose, Barbie Forteza and the tandem of Jose and Wally, there is skepticism in the air. How does Sunday PinaSaya take on veterans that have been on ASAP for decades now?

Sunday PinaSaya
Source: Sunday PinaSaya Facebook Page

It became apparent that at this point, television programming became more about the audience and less about the competition. ASAP does its own thing. It worked for them. They have developed an audience. How about Sunday PinaSaya? The audiences that the roster of hosts have gathered are substantial enough to get them to watch Sunday PinaSaya. Marian Rivera can still work even with a bulging preggy tummy. Julie Ann San Jose still  can work a crowd. Of course, everyone knew the kind of following that Alden amassed through the ALDUB phenomenon. Then Jose and Wally have been as versatile as they can get with all those years doing improv comedy at Eat Bulaga. Ai Ai delas Alas has top-billed comedy concerts even when she used to be at ABS-CBN. They are called strengths. They are factors that helped in differentiating them from the competition. While copying formats is okay, if it is inconsistent with what you can do best, why force it?

And so the segments at Sunday PinaSaya included musical numbers. Hashtags like #SPSKantawanan and #SPSLaughterRules really emphasized that it’s a comedy musical variety show. Then goes the twist that the audience is waiting for. There’s an element of musical theater in the song numbers presented on Sunday PinaSaya. One of the opening skits in the Sunday PinaSaya episode dated 16 August 2015 featured some songs of the iconic pop rock band Eraserheads. The lead character in this skit was Rico. He was portrayed by Gerard Napoles (that hilarious guy from Rak of Aegis). Songs that helped push the narrative were “Tindahan ni Aling Nena” (Ms Nena’s Store), “Ligaya” (Joy), “Pare Ko” (My Dude) and “Toyang”.

Sunday PinaSaya
Screenshot from Sunday PinaSaya Episode dated 16 August 2015

For “Tindahan ni Aling Nena”, Wally played the role of store owner Nena. For “Ligaya”, Julie Ann San Jose served as Rico’s titular love interest. For “Pare Ko” Jose Manalo played the role of Rico’s friend whom he confided his problem. For “Toyang”, Valeen Montenegro played the role of Toyang, Rico’s new love interest. It was like a karaoke musical complete with adlibs from Gerard and Jose. It also tugged at the heartstrings of the loyal Eraserheads fanbase. And since it was one of the first episodes that Sunday PinaSaya aired. Instead of transitioning to commercial. It transitioned to the next skit which featured Ai Ai delas Alas as a nouveau rich matron. Joey Paras played the role of her maid with stiff upper lip tendencies. Teen actress Barbie Forteza joins her in this segment.

Of course, Marian Rivera herself ends up with a segment here on Sunday PinaSaya. Judge MD. It was an obvious wordplay on “judge” and the initials “MD”. Rarely does it happen that one is a judge and also an MD (medical doctor). Also MD is a reference to Marian’s married name, Marian Gracia Dantes. It doesn’t include music either. But it contained a lot of physical comedy. It can easily be viewed as a parody of the conventional barangay intervention. Much of the laughter comes from the antics of the people needing intervention – Havana and Cheena. (Havana was played by Boobay. Cheena was played by John Feir. Both are in drag). Jose Manalo plays the judge’s sheriff. So adlibs are expected again. Ai Ai de las Alas even made a cameo. Reacting on how it seemed like both complainants have issues with mangoes and pointy chins. It was basically a no-holds barred improv skit for everyone to enjoy. Knee-slapping laughter all the way for Sunday PinaSaya.

Sunday PinaSaya
Source: Sunday PinaSaya Facebook Page

So did GMA make the right decision in outsourcing the Sunday noontime slot to tape? And make way for Sunday PinaSaya? Yes. Comedy used to be GMA’s strength under their entertainment brand, GMA KiliTV. Now GMA’s situational comedies are only Pepito Manaloto, Ismol Family and Vampire ang Daddy Ko (My Dad is a Vampire). The rest of the comedy is supplanted by Eat Bulaga and The Ryzza Mae Show. There is a market for comedy that is not tapped enough. If Sunday PinaSaya worked now, why haven’t they thought of it before?

There goes the tricky aspect of the creative process. It’s like facing an adhesive wall and throwing whatever creative concepts you have in mind until something sticks. And to some extent, it meant focusing on your own resources instead of being too preoccupied with what the competitor is doing. Copying ASAP is never a guarantee that GMA can steal the audience away from them. So what gives? Going a little scripted with some improv theater thrown in might work. And it did. The Saturday Night Live format may be applicable in the Philippine musical variety genre after all. And soap stars like Marian Rivera get to do something light and enjoyable like Sunday PinaSaya.

The musical variety show is not an alien concept anymore to Marian Rivera. Remember her weekly musical variety show “Marian”? It had a good run of two seasons before its graceful exit. Not every program gets that opportunity. Her exposure to Eat Bulaga’s Juan For All All For One segments on-the-road also exposed her talent in improv theater. Jose can throw any line her way and she would always have a ready retort just as funny. And it’s one of the deceptively easy strategies of improv. Marian Rivera’s experience in “Marian” may not be applicable yet as she keeps an eye on her pregnancy while staying physically active. But her comic timing infused into comic skills worked well in Sunday PinaSaya.

Sunday PinaSaya
Source: @marianupdates

It became a win-win situation. GMA found a unique competitive advantage by tapping an underrated market. And Marian Rivera found a way to work again without sacrificing sleep. She may be less mobile compared to her pre-pregnant days. But she can still host and act her way to viewers’ hearts. The Twitter trending statistics supported what most observants view as a recipe for a good start for Sunday PinaSaya. And they have only started so far.

Intrigued at how Sunday PinaSaya can keep up to the increased positive feedback? They have verified social media accounts with which you can dig more stuff and updates. Like their official Facebook page, Sunday PinaSaya. And follow them on Twitter (@SundayPinaSaya) and Instagram (@GMASundayPinaSaya).

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Top 10 Philippine Hot Women

Top 10 Philippine Hot Women

How do we rank the top 10 Philippine hot women? Well, it included hot fanbases too. And it’s not just the libido that is bound to explode with that in mind. Such circumstances only gave all the more reasons why the women listed here are the top 10 Philippine hot women today.

Top 10 Philippine Hot Women
Source: IG @officialjuday

Top 10 Philippine Hot Women 10. Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo

More than a decade ago, having Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo on a list like our top 10 Philippine hot women is umimaginable. Then again, everyone is free to have a makeover. And she subjected herself to a diet revamp and Pilates sessions long before she became Mrs. Agoncillo. Ryan Agoncillo must have been that good of an influence to her. From childhood soap princess, she became a primetime TV soap star in her own right. The appearance upgrade just got even better. She got hosting jobs from Junior Master Chef Pinoy Edition to Bet On Your Baby. Now, she’s a cookbook author. She has released  her book entitled “Judy Ann’s Kitchen”. The book contained a collection of recipes she has jotted down. These are the recipes that she served in her restaurants. Obviously she knew how to write the recipe for long-term success.

Top 10 Philippine Hot Women
Source: Andrea Torres FB Page

Top 10 Philippine Hot Women 9. Andrea Torres

For just a few years, Andrea Torres zoomed way up the FHM 100 Sexiest Women. Up to number 2. And she has done only about 3 soaps. 4 if you would include the supporting role she got in the primetime soap “My Beloved”. The makeover must have helped in turning her from some plain Jane into a vava-voom bombshell. She made heads turn. Depending on which head you have in mind. Having a nice rack must have worked wonders in getting the attention that got her in similar lists like our top 10 Philippine hot women. Olive skin, statuesque body and a pair of cans to go with her decent acting talent. She ended up bagging her first major roles in the remake of “Sana Ay Ikaw Na Nga”. Roles. Plural. Because she played the heroine and the villain that stole the heroine’s face. That’s the kind of acting pedigree she can deliver. Expectations just shot through the roof. Can’t wait to see what’s next for her.

Top 10 Philippine Hot Women
Source: IG @mainedcm

Top 10 Philippine Hot Women 8. Maine Mendoza

It was only as of late that Maine Mendoza is getting a lot of media mileage. Because she is better known by her screen name – Divina Ursula Bocbocoba Smash. DUBSmash for short. YayaDUB to Lola Nidora in Eat Bulaga’s KalyeSerye. And to everyone else that followed her onscreen relationship with fellow Eat Bulaga mainstay Alden Richards. A new love team is born in the unlikeliest of places. On the streets where the Eat Bulaga segment “Juan For All, All For Juan”. It secured a spot for Maine in our list of top 10 Philippine hot women. It’s phenomenal. It only heightened up the ante excitement-wise for her “salubong” with Alden and finally make AlDub a reality.

Top 10 Philippine Hot Women
Source: IG @lizasoberano

Top 10 Philippine Hot Women 7. Liza Soberano

2 soaps and positive feedback in a Korean YouTube pop culture channel. And the world has discovered one of the most beautiful faces to grace Philippine primetime television. It is normal for print and commercial models to crossover to Tinseltown. But not everyone has the charisma that Soberano has. Even if her role in the primetime soap “Got to Believe” almost evolved into a villain character. It did not diminish her chances of starring in a primetime soap herself. And the gamble turned out to be worth it. Even Dubai-based Michael Cinco found her very charming. Now the anticipation for her next projects – whether film, TV or product endorsements – is at a fever pitch. She’s more than deserving to be in our list of top 10 Philippine hot women.

Top 10 Philippine Hot Women
Source: IG @annecurtissmith

Top 10 Philippine Hot Women 6. Anne Curtis

Anne Curtis has launched a singing career because she got away with it. Such is the advantage of being made of hot stuff. And she managed to stay in showbusiness for more than 10 years now. She was initially packaged as a child star. But by showbiz standards, she passed off as a teen star. She was one of the new faces that Viva Entertainment launched on their teen-oriented show TGIS. That was when Viva produced TV series at GMA Network. Years later, she switched networks. She packed her bags to ABS-CBN and found herself bagging lead roles in primetime soaps. The TV adaptation of the film “Kampanerang Kuba” was one of her first hits as a primetime star. Her most memorable role though was in the program “Maging Sino Ka Man”. She got to utter its juiciest line “Yes, I am a slut. But I am the best slut in town”. Now she’s a TV host and recording artist headlining concerts. When you are one of the top 10 Philippine hot women these past years, you can get away with anything.

Top 10 Philippine Hot Women
Source: IG @jodistamaria

Top 10 Philippine Hot Women 5. Jodi Sta. Maria

From one iconic role to another, Jodi Sta. Maria’s career turned out to be a close fulfillment of how some entertainment writers saw it. Among the mainstay cast of teen-oriented weekly program “Tabing-Ilog” (Riverside), she was the most promising alongside John Lloyd Cruz, Paolo Contis and Baron Geisler. And she’s more known for the edgy roles even when she was a teen star. It became evident for this almond-eyed beauty, no role is too small or too risky to take. Her indie film “Chassis” (directed by Adolf Alix Jr) was considered her crowning glory. Too bad it was banned for mainstream showing in the Philippines for the grisly ending (no spoiler). But that didn’t stop Jodi’s star from shining. A string of soap opera villain roles like in “Patayin sa Sindak si Barbara” and “Walang Kapalit” kept her in the limelight. Her transition to goody-type roles was evident first in “Noah” and later in “Be Careful With My Heart” as the bubbly nanny Maya. Now she is the only original cast member of the TV series “Pangako Sa Yo” to be cast in the 2015 remake version. This time as vengeful socialite Amor Powers. If her resume doesn’t sound versatile to you. Then expect her to be hotlisted on more articles apart from out top 10 Philippine hot women.

Top 10 Philippine Hot Women
Source: Twiczy

Top 10 Philippine Hot Women 4. Barbie Forteza

Who would have thought that a supporting role in the remake of the hit Korean soap “Stairway to Heaven” would catapult into starring in her own TV series as well? Barbie Forteza received positive feedback for playing the young version of Jodi in the local remake. The fanbase she earned got carried over to her new soap, the aptly titled “First Time”. In true blue fashion of love teams assembled and broken down. It was the girl who managed to stay long enough in the business to remain employed. Forteza was then seen topbilling 2 primetime soaps. “Pilyang Kerubin” (Naughty Cherub) and the remake of the weekly drama program “Anna Karenina” (not the Russian novel). Now she’s a year into her own afternoon TV series “The Half Sisters” and still going strong. She turns out to be a chameleon. The kind that can play rich girl and poor girl alternately. She deserved a spot on our list of top 10 Philippine hot women today.

Top 10 Philippine Hot Women
Source: IG @bernardokath

Top 10 Philippine Hot Women 3. Kathryn Bernardo

She bagged her first lead role in ABS-CBN in a somewhat prophetic teaser. It was the clip that showed Judy Ann Santos announcing the remake of Mara Clara being the original Mara. The camera switches to the new Mara. She was Kathryn Bernardo. It served as a tipping point for a promising career. And it did. Her handlers rode on the momentum that the program Mara Clara gave her. She was given the lead role on “Princess and I”. She ran away with what was given her and reaped the sweet fruits of her labor. Soon she found a genre that she could fit into – romantic comedy. Mara Clara was heavy drama compared to “Princess and I” and “Got to Believe”. Her filmography though was more varied. A heavy drama in “Way Back Home”. A couple of horror-thrillers in “Shake, Rattle & Roll 13” and “Pagpag”. And a couple of light-hearted flicks in “Must Be Love” and “She’s Dating The Gangster”. Soon she was slated for another remake. That of the hit TV series “Pangako Sa Yo”, a remake she co-starred with her reel partner, Daniel Padilla. She is on the right track. It explained best her inclusion into the top half of our list of top 10 Philippine hot women.

Top 10 Philippine Hot Women
Source: IG @mercadojenny

Top 10 Philippine Hot Women 2. Jennylyn Mercado

FHM’s Sexiest Woman for 2015 has shown no signs of slowing down. Ever. That’s Jennylyn Mercado for you. Ever since becoming the Female Survivor for Season 1 of the hit “artista” search “Starstruck”, she stayed in the business long enough to prepare herself for the best that is yet to come for her. It was a slow burn to success compared to some of the women listed in our top 10 Philippine hot women. Several films and TV series later, the ultimate breakthrough role came along. She aced the audition for the titular role of the film “Rosario”. A clear sign that she’s ready for the edgier roles. She cemented her status as a serious actress upon starring in the psycho-thriller primetime soap “Rhodora X”. It was the first time that a Filipino TV series tackled dissociative identity disorder. She rose to the occasion. Soon she won her Best Actress Award. For a rom-com. Which turns out to be an excellent proof of her talent and the way with which she handled her roles. No role is too light for an authentic and believable performance. Pair it up with a hot spanking body and you’ve got a career sealed. Might as well brace yourself for her next primetime soap “My Faithful Husband”. That’s the clearest sign that she has no plan of slowing down or fizzling out.

Top 10 Philippine Hot Women
Source: IG @therealmarian

Top 10 Philippine Hot Women 1. Marian Rivera

Actress. Host. Philanthropist just like her husband. One half of the ultimate power couple of Philippine entertainment today, DongYan. And 3-time FHM Sexiest Woman of the Philippines. A record she has set. It takes a lot of charisma to secure that kind of following. Breaking records on the signing day, painting the town red literally and figuratively the last time she took her victory walk. She is here to stay. Pregnancy was not even considered a roadblock to success. It even made her hotter before a nation eager for her return. And it all started with winning the plum role for the 2007 remake of the Mexican hit telenovela “MariMar”. A personality that refused to be molded into the studio system of creating stars. She came across as the most authentic celebrity to come across this side of Tinseltown. And all because of a promise she made to her grandmother that she will not allow herself to be a pushover. She became a legitimate role model to emulate because she lived by her own rules. In her own language, literally and figuratively. To borrow the words of Uncle Ben, “With great power comes great responsibility”. And in Marian Rivera’s case, beauty became a potent weapon to make people pay attention. That’s hot. Hence putting her at the helm of our list of top 10 Philippine hot women.

Marian Rivera is ranked first in our list of top 10 Philippine hot women. The only verified account she has is at Instagram @therealmarian. If you haven’t followed her yet, please do so. You would be thankful that you did.

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