One Day in the Life of a Philippine Rice Farmer – Alexander Baumgartner

One Day in the Life of a Philippine Rice Farmer – Alexander Baumgartner

The documentary reveals a normal day in the life of a rice farmer and the laborious process of rice farming. You can see how well-connected the entire system is and the number of celebrations involved in farming rice. The method in which the farmer carefully treats his animals shows the significance of every single life and how it is part of a higher system. From growing to sale the visuals offer you a sense of the strenuous, manual and monotonous operate in the rice paddies. Every action has an intent– the self-grown rice is made use of to feed the fishes, which will be caught and cooked for dinner. Every step and actor while doing so is part of an effective, self-sustaining system.

The simpleness of the video appeals to your senses and provides the audience a real understanding of these conditions. You are carried into another world by paying attention to the initial noises. Commentary or music are not required to complete the documentary. This is not only a video, it’s an experience!


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