ALDUB Worth Fighting For [Fan Art Included]

ALDUB Worth Fighting For

#ALDUBWorthFightingFor The ALDUB Worth Fighting For episode was the simmer after the boil. So to speak. Hopefully there would be enough people alive to read this episode recap. Eat Bulaga founding father Joey de Leon happily shared this afternoon the front page news on Philippine Star. The ALDUB Nation has made a new Twitter record. 6.35 million tweets in less than 24 hours for the hashtag #ALDUBTheAbduction. And this is just the second time that Alden Richards and YayaDUB have seen eye to eye. So learning what happened to YayaDUB and Alden respectively after this epic episode is at fever pitch.

ALDUB Worth Fighting For
Fan Art by @jaysondmx

The ALDUB Worth Fighting For episode opens to a luncheon party. Donya Tidora is happily singing Mambo No. 5 by Lou Bega. Fans are more familiar with that song as “A Little Bit of Monica”. She is with the Bernardo Bernardo Bernardo. But almost nobody notices them. They are outnumbered by Donya Tinidora’s Cuando Cuando Cuando. ¬†Apparently, they arrived on the scene ahead of Donya Tinidora. Back at Broadway Centrum, Mr. de Leon is joined in the ALDUB Worth Fighting For episode by fellow dabarkads Allan K and Jimmy Santos a.k.a. Jimmy Saints.

The car horn blasts. Everyone awaits who this could be. It was YayaDUB. She has finally taken a bath. And she pushed Lola Nidora’s wheelchair. While she was the one kidnapped. She managed to get back to her nanny duties to Lola Nidora. One of the Rogelio Rogelio Rogelio carried a bowl of “goto” (porridge with meat). He handed the bowl to YayaDUB. She herself ended up feeding Lola Nidora with the porridge. The ALDUB Worth Fighting For episode seemed like an attempt to get things back to normal.

The dabarkads back in Broadway Centrum were quick to ask YayaDUB how was she. YayaDUB managed to reply using Busta Rhymes’ ditty. Later, she’s busting out some Nicki Minaj. Looks like her Dubsmash playlist is back on track too. Her hair is back in its neatly-arranged ponytail. And Lola Nidora’s medicine kit now comes with an alarm. Lola Nidora used to complain that YayaDUB’s lovelife makes her forget her job as her nanny. The audience view it as an improvement. Usually Lola Nidora would occasionally yell at YayaDUB for her medication. In worse situations, YayaDUB ends up handing her the wrong medication. No more buttons, hopefully. At the ALDUB Worth Fighting For. Lola Nidora is satisfied. She can talk. But YayaDUB kept spooning her with porridge. Good thing her speech is not that affected.

ALDUB Worth Fighting For
Source: @maindenofficial

Lola Nidora managed to express her disappointment with Duhrizz. Donya Tidora echoed her sentiment. Compared to YayaDUB, Lola Nidora sent her to New York to study. To think that she could study in New York, Cubao instead. Well, that’s Donya Tidora’s analogy. Lola Nidora thought she gave what she had to Duhrizz. In her point of view, she loved Duhrizz in a way she knew how. But Lola Nidora is quick to remember that last Saturday was ALDUB’s second eyeball. She is aware of how some inhabitants of the ALDUB nation were slightly thankful of Duhrizz. It became an “accidental” attempt at allowing Alden and YayaDUB to see each other again in person. Just as Lola Nidora is about to snap at the ALDUB Worth Fighting For episode. Donya Tinidora was quick to calm her down. This is not just for her health. She and Donya Tidora openly approved of Alden for YayaDUB anyway.

By the way where is Alden? He wasn’t around in Eat Bulaga’s earliest segment, ATM with the Baes. Everyone was looking forward to the Monday “laglagan” segment. This is where fellow dabarkads Sam YG would reveal backstage stories surrounding Alden. And with that kind of reaction generated on social media. Alden’s thoughts are surely awaited here. But he’s still not around. Donya Tinidora voiced out what many people observed last Saturday, 12 September 2015. How sure is everyone that Alden got back on Broadway after Donya Tidora and Donya Tinidora rescued YayaDUB? Did Alden fail to contain himself after the overwhelming surge of emotions last Saturday? That he failed to show up on the ALDUB Worth Fighting For episode?

ALDUB Worth Fighting For
Source: @officialaldub16

This led folks at the Broadway Centrum to replay the parts where YayaDUB finally touched Alden. Alden was stepping back primarily because she mistook YayaDUB for Duhrizz. Everyone has trouble getting over it. And it showed on Twitter. It’s already the ALDUB Worth Fighting For episode. But everyone acts as if ALDUB The Abduction episode is still going on. Also, everyone is interested in seeing YayaDUB’s reaction live on TV. Who is really feeling giddy here? YayaDUB the KalyeSerye character? Or Maine Mendoza in the role of YayaDUB the KalyeSerye character? (Everyone still thinks it’s Alden who broke character first)

Then, Brian White’s “God Gave Me You” started playing in the background. Alden then appeared. To dispel notions that it’s stock video, he wrote on his clipboard “Live ‘to!” (This is live!) And he is free from his abductors. Looks like Duhrizz kept her part of the deal with Lola Nidora’s sisters. He immediately ¬†made the “pabebe wave” to YayaDUB. YayaDUB was very happy to see him again in the ALDUB Worth Fighting For episode. Alden and YayaDUB are free from their captors. But they are back on split screens. Still, the couple is still very happy to see each other. It resulted in another exchange of Dubsmash hits.

Alden also had a drink with a straw. He happily shared this with YayaDUB even if physically she can’t sip on it. Nobody knew where Duhrizz’s straw is now. But wherever Duhrizz may have thrown it out, the devoted ALDUB faithful would surely dig it. (On whether Maine Mendoza only saw the footage today compared to Alden is still a disputed matter. TAPE Inc., the company that produced Eat Bulaga, surely protected Maine to the point of turning down interviews to maintain the enigma around her. Alden is still co-managed by GMA Artists’ Center anyway. Hence the album tour under GMA Records) The ALDUB Worth Fighting For episode seemed like everything is indeed back to normal. Including Lola Nidora’s distrust for Alden.

ALDUB Worth Fighting For
Source: @EatBulaga
ALDUB Worth Fighting For
Fan Art by @ewwLevi Retweeted by @MaineAlden16
ALDUB Worth Fighting For
Acrylic Fan Art by the daughter of today’s Sugod Bahay winner. Image uploaded by @EatBulaga

So finally Lola Nidora went straight to business and mentioned the Wild Card round in Dabarkads Pa More at the ALDUB Worth Fighting For episode. Duhrizz’s histrionics delayed the announcement of the winner after conniving with the disgruntled Rogelios. Lola Nidora was the one who knew the results. Just when she is about to announce the winner, the truck horn blasts off. And the characters go into cliffhanger mode.

Would the winner be announced before Saturday? Would Lola Nidora be fair enough to announce Alden as the winner? Tune in to Eat Bulaga to know more. The longest running variety show in the world is still up and running. Monday to Satuday at noontime. Like Eat Bulaga’s official Facebook page to catch the ALDUB Worth Fighting For episode replay. Follow them on Twitter @EatBulaga for real-time updates too.

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