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ALDUB One Step Closer: Decode The Diary

The ALDUB One Step Closer episode had an interesting opening. They had a roll call of teams and Twitter accounts that helped out in organizing the ALDUB EB Tamang Panahon special episode. It made everyone that participated in this global phenomenon special. It was the best fan service ever done by a Filipino variety show. It was apart from the updated count regarding chairs assembled from the collected plastic bottles donated.

ALDUB One Step Closer
Source: @DONsuratos

And since it’s only a few days away from November 1. Donya Tidora imposed it upon herself to spearhead a cleanup in the barangay. Donya Tinidora is not around. So Donya Tidora ended up in charge of the Cuando Cuando Cuando. But she made sure to call on Donya Tinidora for good measure. “Hoy! Tinidora! Magparamdam ka!” (Tinidora! Make your presence felt!) The Cuando Cuando Cuando entered the ALDUB One Step Closer episode to the tune of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. She also asked them if ever they found the house that Lola Nidora was looking for.

Donya Tidora had a ready answer if they have visited their loved ones at the cemetery. “Siempre dinadalaw namin. Kasi pag di namin dinalaw, kami naman ang dadalawin.” (Of course we visit them. If we didn’t visit them, they’d visit us.) Donya Tidora facilitated the Mr Cuando Cuando Cuando pseudo-contest in Donya Tinidora’s absence. [Pseudo-contest because there aren’t any clear episode winners. No clear prizes either like what was seen in the ALDUB One Step Closer episode.]

Soon, it became obvious that it’s a parody of Eat Bulaga’s hit segment Mr. Pogi. One claimed to be a look-alike of Dingdong Dantes. Another claimed to be a look-alike of Bossing Vic Sotto. Another claimed to be a look-alike of “Mark Rehas”. [In case you don’t get the “Mark Rehas” mishap, hehehehe.] The KalyeSerye commentators asked that “Mark Rehas” finish his spiel at the ALDUB One Step Closer episode. His lice flies all the way to Broadway Centrum. Causing discomfort to 2 of the founding fathers of Eat Bulaga. Senator Tito Sotto and Boss Joey de Leon.

ALDUB One Step Closer
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Lola Nidora and YayaDUB arrived to the tune of The Cranberries’ “Zombie”. Donya Tidora found it amusing. “Ba’t bago ang DUBsmash nyo?” (How come you have a new DUBsmash track?) Lola Nidora ust thought of it as a seasonal thing. “Dapat kami rin huma-Halloween.” (We should join the Halloween spirit.) Halloween has a more profound effect though on YayaDUB. She failed to catch some sleep due to an old woman. That old woman appears in her dreams, scaring her. Whether the scare was deliberate or not. YayaDUB could not say. Alden then appeared on the other monitor of the ALDUB One Step Closer episode to appease YayaDUB.

YayaDUB didn’t have a microphone at the ALDUB One Step Closer episode. So she and Alden were back on the clipboard. Alden asked YayaDUB. “Maine? Nagustuhan mo ba yung surprise ko kahapon?” (Maine? Did you like my surprise yesterday?) He was referring to the ALDUB 15th Weeksary episode surprise. YayaDUB replied. “Siempre naman. Happy ako.” (Of course. I am happy.) Alden even DUBsmashed Chicago’s “You’re The Inspiration” to YayaDUB. He still referred to her as “Maine”. Boss Joey had to remind the lovebirds to keep the sweetness refined for the meantime. This was at the aftermath of exposure that ALDUB earned in CNN Philippines and on BBC. ALDUB is going global now.

Later, YayaDUB got her own mic. So she found it easier to relate what she dreamed about prior to the ALDUB One Step Closer episode. “May napanaginipan kasi ako. Matandang babae. Mas matanda kay Lola. Tapos tinatawag ako sa bahay.” (I dreamt about it. An old woman. Older than granny. Then she called me from the house.) Lola Nidora did not hide her resentment at seeing YayaDUB talk better at seeing Alden. “Umayos ka! Kanina ka pa eh. Tinatanong ka namin, inarte mo lang. Kay Alden, inamin mo agad?” (Get yourself together! You’ve been acting out since awhile ago. When we were asking you, you just acted it out. With Alden, you immediately admitted it?)

ALDUB One Step Closer
Source: Eat Bulaga Facebook Page

Angry as she was at the ALDUB One Step Closer episode. Lola Nidora pulled out an old photo from her diary. She asked YayaDUB again. “Eto ba picture?” (Is this her photo?) YayaDUB said yes. The alleged house’s address was revealed in the ALDUB 15th Weeksary episode. Donya Tidora checked her mobile app Waze if they can locate it based on the given address. [Note: It’s not clear if Waze has sponsored Eat Bulaga. But it seemed safe to mention.] She also tried out Google Maps too just to be sure.

Donya Tidora screamed. “Ay! May nag-like ng picture ko!” (Oh! Somebody liked my pic!) Lola Nidora was at her wits’ end at the ALDUB One Step Closer episode. “Kala ko ba naman hinanap na yung destination? Google Maps?” (I thought the destination was already found? Google Maps?) Must have been some interconnected apps found on Donya Tidora’s mobile. Once Donya Tidora has found the driving directions to their granny’s house. Lola Nidora told her to jot them down. “Sulat mo sa papel. Mamaya, bubuksan ko pa yan.” (Write it on paper. I might end up opening that app later.)

Alden then took a chance to talk again to YayaDUB. “Sana multo na lang ako para puede kitang dalawin gabi-gabi.” (I wish that I am a ghost so that I can visit you every night.) YayaDUB was so elated. It affected the way she talked at the ALDUB One Step Closer episode. [Soon, Eat Bulaga capitalized on the fact that Maine Mendoza can speak now. She is starting to match the spiel-speaking speed of Paolo Ballesteros. Her hosting skills improved. Not too jolly. Not too monotonous either. Also, her interest in the Sugod Bahay winners seemed genuine. JoWaPao has taught her well.]

ALDUB One Step Closer
Source: Eat Bulaga Facebook Page

After the Sugod-Bahay errand at the ALDUB One Step Closer episode. Lola Nidora reopened her diary to check if she has missed anything. It seemed as if it’s an heirloom diary. It has their mother’s diary entries read out loud. In other words, a meaty source of new storylines for the phenomenal KalyeSerye. And they haven’t reached Lola Nidora’s first written diary entry.

And so Lola Nidora narrated their mother’s diary entry. “Mahiwaga ang bahay ni Mama. Bata pa lang ako ramdam ko napapalibutan ito ng kababalaghan. Ito ay mga elemento na nagbabantay sa bahay.” (Mama’s house is mysterious. As a kid I could feel that it is filled with dread. These are the elements guarding the house.) This was when Lola Nidora thought of the tools to bring upon going to that house as early as in the ALDUB One Step Closer episode. “Luma na yung mga bawang-bawang. Magdala tayo ng armalite. Bazooka. Asin.” (Garlic is passe. Let’s bring armalite. Bazooka. Salt.)

ALDUB One Step Closer
Source: Eat Bulaga Facebook Page

Lola Nidora continued. “Sa pagpatak ng ikatatlumpu’t isa ng Octubre dalawang libo’t labing lima. Ito ang panahong nakatakda para hanapin ang unang hakbang tungo sa pag-ibig.” (Upon reaching the 31st of October year two thousand and fifteen. This is the fated time to look for the first step towards love.) The crowd at the Broadway Centrum witnessing the ALDUB One Step Closer episode cheered. Lola Nidora was quick to chastise them. “Ang eksena, horror. Hindi romantic.” (The scene is horror. Not romantic.)

The diary further gave instructions in Lola Nidora’s voice. “Importanteng mahanap nyo ang alahasan sa malaking salamin. Kelangan nyong malampasan ang mga kakila-kilabot na elemento na bumabalot sa bahay.” (It is important that you find the jewelry box by the big mirror. You need to surpass the spine-chilling elements surrounding the house.) Lola Nidora’s difficulty in reading the diary was a little obvious at the ALDUB One Step Closer episode. She had to read it with Donya Tidora and YayaDUB too.

ALDUB One Step Closer

Apparently, the Kalye’s Angels’ mother wrote this diary after that fateful encounter with the French soothsayer. So the antidotes were written too for the viewers of the ALDUB One Step Closer episode to hear. “Makakatulong ang ilang pangontra.” (Some antidotes would work.) Unfortunately, no particular antidotes were read so far. As Lola Nidora struggled to have the items deciphered, the truck horn sounded. Signaling the end of the ALDUB One Step Closer episode.

One thing was clear about the jewelry box. It did not look like the jewelry box prop used by Eat Bulaga for their Sugod Bahay winners. It was antique and facing a big mirror at their granny’ house. YayaDUB’s great-great grandmother whom she also dreamt about. How else can they ensure a safe tour by granny’s house? Tune in to Eat Bulaga. Monday to Saturday at noontime. Like Eat Bulaga’s official Facebook page to catch the ALDUB One Step Closer episode replay.

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